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Most promises don’t come to pass overnight. Days and years go by; we choose to keep trusting the One that made the promise or to stop hoping and settle for something else. Plenty of days I thought God was withholding from me or that He forgot or that maybe I totally misunderstood what I thought He told me about having a family one day. I’ll be the first to tell you: I hate God’s timing — He’s so slow. But He’s also very sudden. And He never withholds His best (Romans 8:32).

After years of waiting and hoping, love rushed in and swept me off my feet — better than I expected and more than I knew to hope for. There’s always something good around the corner; we’ve just got to keep walking.

I’m so thankful to Boundless for encouraging my heart and helping me feel connected during my long season of singleness. I found Boundless when I was desperate for someone who could relate/understand my life. I would eagerly check the latest podcast each Thursday, and during the week, I would listen to previous episodes. The podcasts were like healing balm to my heart and gave me so much hope.

This past year, I began dating the love of my life one month before my 37th birthday. And in 2015, we’re getting married just after my 38th birthday. He more that meets the only two requirements I ever had 1) hot and 2) godly (just the right amount).

At first meeting, I was just a fan of Tim because he’s nine years younger. I tried to get my 20-something roommates to date him, but turns out, he’s the one for me. We met at church, and I had known him for a while. But when we ended up on a planning team for a neighborhood tutoring program, my admiration turned into a full blown crush.

From the start, I appreciated Tim’s dating reputation. I knew that if he was interested, he would ask me out. I so enjoyed those first few “get to know you” dates.

My favorite tips from Boundless:

  • Relax and enjoy getting to know people.
  • When a guy offers a fun date, have a fun idea to contribute to the date as well.
  • And of course, I loved the podcast about marrying later in life. I’ve listened to it several times.
  • I also really appreciated hearing from the guys and how they think about things.

I’m so grateful to the Boundless Team for sharing their stories and their lives with us. And I’m over the moon excited for a new season of learning to trust and hope as a married woman. Thank you, Boundless community, for being with me on the journey.

Are you engaged or newly married? We’d love to hear your story and how Boundless was helpful to you along the way! Email us at [email protected]. For more stories like this one, go to Engagement Stories.

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