Engagement Stories: Whitney & Nathan

I had always thought online dating was not for me. You always hear horror stories about people who are creepy and pretending to be someone they are not, so I just didn’t want to mess with that. However, I had a few bad dating experiences, and I was willing to do anything to meet a good, godly man.

I read an article on Boundless about online dating and how it could work for you. The author of the article offered a 14-day free trial to ChristianCafe.com if any reader wished to try it. I thought, Why not? I asked my family about it, and they all thought it was a good idea.

I set up my profile Oct. 20, 2011, and the first day I was on there, Nathan contacted me. I knew from that first message that I liked him. He was smart and funny, and he actually read my profile! I talked to a few other guys on there, but I didn’t feel the connection I felt with Nathan with any of them.

We talked for about 10 days online, Skyping once, and then decided to meet in person. On our first date, Oct. 30, 2011, we went mini-golfing, walked around the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, had dinner and coffee. All in all, we spent about eight hours together, and the conversation never lagged. I liked him — a lot.

I was still a little nervous about it, though. This was new territory for me, dating someone I met online. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, so I went on another date with him. He took me to dinner and a movie. That was the night that I knew I really liked this guy, and I wanted to keep seeing him.

Thing progressed quickly from there. We met each other’s families and started spending as much time together as possible. We started to talk about marriage about three months in, but I wanted to wait until we had been dating for at least six months before he officially proposed, which would be a relationship milestone for both of us. 

On our six-month anniversary, we spent the entire day together. I kept waiting for a proposal, but it kept not coming! We went back to his house at the end of the day. Suddenly, I remembered that he had asked me to bring with me the season of Gilmore Girls that we were watching to his house, but I had left it in my bag. He told me he would go and get it for me, and to relax on the couch. He grabbed the DVD and bent down to put it in the DVD player. A video started that was not Gilmore Girls. I was very confused for a moment, until Nathan popped up on the screen.

As soon as he said that he made this video so he could get through this without crying, I knew what was coming and didn’t even read the beautiful words that were popping up on the screen. (Later I went back and watched it again, and he told me that the past six months had been so happy for him and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.) When the words “Whitney, will you marry me?” popped up on the screen, he knelt down next to me and opened the box with the most beautiful ring inside.

Of course I said yes! We hugged; we kissed; I got teary eyed. We called my parents and told them the great news. Of course, they already knew since Nathan had called them to ask their blessing about a week beforehand. So sneaky! Then Nathan’s dad and step-mom came downstairs and celebrated with us and took pictures.

We got married about 11 months later on April 6, 2013, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. We have been married almost a year and will celebrate our one-year anniversary in the Dominican Republic in two weeks. 

I could not have asked God for a more wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. Nathan is everything that I always wanted and more than I ever imagined I would find. I would never have found him if not for Boundless and ChristianCafe.com

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