Love on Trial

Turning the other cheek sounds good on paper. But what about when it actually happens?

I heard my dad tell a story the other night that stunned me, and it’s had me thinking ever since.

He said that several years ago, the Islamic apologist Ahmed Deedat spoke at the oldest Islamic university in Malaysia. Deedat was a brash and antagonistic speaker, and during his presentation, he said that Christianity was completely unlivable.

A Christian faculty member, Professor Lee, stood up during the Q&A time and asked Deedat why he thought Christianity was unlivable. Deedat told Lee to come forward. When Lee walked up, Deedat reached back and hit him soundly in the face. Then he looked at Lee and said, “Now turn the other cheek.”

With his face still stinging from the hit, Lee turned. Deedat was stunned, but decided to push the argument. Next, he demanded that Lee give him the shirt off his back.

With an audience of students watching, Lee obliged. Deedat then ordered Lee to give him his pants, too. Lee turned to the students, gently apologized for what they were witnessing, gave his pants to Deedat and then walked out of the auditorium in his underwear.

Lee went to his office, but he wasn’t alone for long. For the next several hours, students came to see him, many in tears and all apologizing for what Deedat had done.

In just the span of a few minutes, the students saw love on trial — and it triumphed.

The Christian life isn’t easy. The story that played out at the university that day shows us why. But when it’s lived the way Christ demonstrated and commanded, it always wins in the end.

About the Author

Nathan Zacharias

Nathan is video producer/editor for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Growing up, he always had a passion for media, and he believes in its ability to shape a culture. A good word, a good image or good music can help people think, feel and change. Though he’s spent most of his years in Atlanta, he’s also lived in Colorado Springs and New York City. He and his wife, Sarah, married in 2011, and they are expecting their first child (a baby girl!) in June 2013. They live in Atlanta with their dog, Belle.