Register for Pursuit 2015!

The time has come.

I can hardly believe it myself, but registration for Pursuit 2015 is now open. Woot!

It seems totally wacky that we’re gearing up for another event this summer. Pursuit 2014 (and summer, for that matter) doesn’t seem that long ago. What’s more, I wasn’t convinced heading into Pursuit 2014 that we’d repeat it so soon. I figured we’d wait it out, recover from our exhaustion, and check back for interest in a couple years.

But if you were there, you know: It was an event to be repeated.

One of the comments I heard most often last year was, “Finally, a gathering of people like me — in the same stage of life, with similar goals, interests, struggles and experiences.”

And then, two days after everyone left, I saw on social media:

  • “When are the dates for next summer? I need to request vacation time.”
  • “I’m already saving up for next year. I won’t miss it.”
  • “I invited four of my friends to join me next summer.”
  • “I announced this to my singles group at church. We’re gonna take a van out to Colorado.”

And so planning for Pursuit 2015 began.

Our team is already feverishly putting details together. Would you believe we should have our stage design by next week? Do you know we are already working on contracts with four of our speakers (stay tuned for names)? And that hotels are already blocked, menus are being planned, design elements are underway, and more surprises are yet to come?

This will be THE summer event for unmarried young adults (and that includes those of you who are dating or engaged). If you need to get pumped up (or just need a reminder of what summer looks like), check out our Pursuit 2015 video below.

Pursuit 2015 is July 9-11 here at our Focus on the Family campus in forever-sunny Colorado Springs, Colo., (ranked in the top five weekend getaways by U.S. News and World Report). Early-bird registration is only $199 for a limited time, or capitalize on our VIP Experience for an unmatched event opportunity.

Register today, and tell all your friends. Then hop over to our Pursuit 2015 Facebook page to announce you’re coming!


About the Author

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is the director of Boundless and young adults at Focus on the Family and hosts The Boundless Show, a national radio program and podcast. She loves connecting with single young adults and strategizing how to better equip them for life, relationships and a faith that goes the distance; she does not love managing budgets or signing contracts, but realizes that’s part of her job, too. Lisa can often be heard at conferences and on radio and TV, getting worked up about dating, relationships, faith and hip-hop. She grew up in San Jose, California, is a graduate of Trinity International University in Chicago, and spent a good chunk of her life in media relations before joining Boundless. She runs to counterbalance her love of pastries and chicken tikka masala, and often quotes her mom, who’s known to say outrageous things. She’s the author of The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose (David C. Cook). Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaCAnderson.


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