The Miracle of Mason

I’m the baby of the family, or at least I was until March 20. My sister-in-law gave birth to a 7-pound boy named Mason Lee. Mason is the first grandbaby of our family and therefore, my first nephew. He’s the first baby I have ever loved so deeply, quickly and unconditionally.  

Mason Lee When I received the news that night, I couldn’t sleep. I stared at the picture of little Mason on my phone and couldn’t get over the fact that a new life had been brought into the world, not just some random baby, but a little boy who shares my genes and will call my brother “dad.” This little child would change the world my family existed in; he would change our relationships with each other and the way we view life and God and His plans.

I held Mason for the first time the next day. The nurse placed him in my trembling arms; I had never held such a small life. LIFE! He was living and breathing, and his little blue eyes scanned his new world. He was less than 24 hours old yet was so perfectly formed and created. I didn’t want to breathe on him or somehow infect him with anything less perfect than the intricate womb he was created in.

I held his tiny hand and counted his fingers, still wrinkly from the world he had been taken from. I rubbed my hand along his full and pillowy cheeks, deciding he had my lips. He was simply the most amazing thing I had ever seen, and at that moment, I wanted to hide him, put a shield around him and somehow protect him from the life he would soon encounter. It was hard to comprehend that somehow he had already been affected by sin, and it wouldn’t stop. The rest of his life would be a battle. I wished I could spare him from it, and that’s when I began to pray.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Mason the rest of the day as I wondered about the life with whom God had blessed my family. Would he be funny? Smart? Athletic? Would he be a Casanova or a book worm? I wondered what plans God had for his life and how He planned to use him in His creation. What gifts would he have, and what would be his struggles? I whispered words of wisdom to the child that slept in my arms and prayed over a life that had just begun. I decided that for the rest of his life I was going to pray for Mason like it was my job.

That day my family grew not just by adding another member, but we grew in love toward a baby we just met and toward our God that reminded us that He is the author and perfector of life.

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