Top 10 Reasons to Tell Your Pastor About ‘Thriving Pastor’

As we draw toward the end of the Boundless ROCK THE BODY campaign, we wanted to make you aware of some great ways to encourage your pastor. Did you know Focus on the Family has been ministering to pastors for almost 30 years? At Thriving Pastor, we love to encourage pastors in the great work God has called them to. Here are some of the ways we’d love to serve your pastors.

10. Thriving Pastor E-Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter for pastors includes encouraging devotions, challenging commentaries, weekly research, and tools for preaching and teaching as well as recommended resources.

9. Free Resources for Your Church’s Families

Our website is packed with free resources for parents. Many pastors use our resources to support the families in their congregations.

8. Pastor to Pastor

Let your pastor know about these classic conversations about pastoral ministry hosted by H.B. London. These discussions will provide wisdom and support for your pastor.

7. Recommended Resources

Today’s pastors are bombarded with books. We’ve sifted through and recommended some of the very best. Tell your pastor about our recommended resource page. These resources will help your pastor thrive.

6. Relevant Research for Pastors

Each week, our team of researchers pulls together a research briefing called Pulse Check. In it, pastors can keep up with the latest trends and findings that pastors should know. Our weekly Pulse Check comes as part of the weekly Thriving Pastor e-Newsletter.

5. Sermon Help

We know preaching sermons is a key aspect of the pastor’s role, which is why we regularly provide pastors sermon nuggets. These illustrations will help your pastor preach the Gospel in powerful ways.

4. Pastoral Care Line

Our confidential support and crisis phone line for pastors and their families features pastors who can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. When pastors need someone to talk to, we’re here for them.

3. Tons of Free Resources

We love providing free resources for pastors. We’ve compiled all the best offerings in one convenient place.  

2. Our Facebook Page

The Thriving Pastor Facebook page is a great place for pastors to receive regular updates and encouragement. It’s one of the primary ways we communicate with our community of pastors. If your pastor is on Facebook, recommend they follow Thriving Pastor. They’ll be glad they did.

1. Encouragement for Pastors From Pastors

Everything we do at Thriving Pastor, we do to encourage pastors in their work. We are always dreaming up new ways to serve. Connecting your pastor with Thriving Pastor will let us help them steward their call before God.


There are many more ways we help pastors thrive in their ministries every day. Take a second and use one of the Share options below to send this Top Ten to your pastor. If there is a way we can serve them, we at Thriving Pastor want to be sure we take that opportunity!

About the Author

Andrew Hess

Andrew Hess is the senior editor of at Outreach Media Group. He teaches Bible and Psychology classes at Colorado Christian University and is a graduate of Denver Seminary. His writing has been featured on The Gospel Coalition, Leadership Journal and Boundless. When not working, Andrew is usually enjoying scenic Colorado, teaching Sunday school, or buying a priceless antique at a local garage sale.