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Dear Artists, We Need You

At a concert, I felt a profound truth in a new way. Because truth feels more real when it’s displayed by artists — in a song, book, painting, movie.

Honoring Soldiers on Memorial Day

“Have you thanked a soldier today?” I think our Memorial Day traditions often fail to get at the essence of what it means to remember soldiers’ sacrifices for our country. But how do we thank the ones we are remembering?

Rock Stars Need Amazing Grace, Too

Recently two major musicians made interesting changes to their musical careers. Underoath has announced they’re no longer writing music under a Christian label, and Jonathan Thulin’s recent music seems to stray from his spiritual roots. I think this may serve as an important wake-up call for us believers.

5 Characters Who Chose Peace Over Violence

Lashing out at those who hurt us is our tendency, and in popular media that often means striking against evil and wielding intellectual prowess, harsh words, technology, physical weapons or even fists against threatening foes. So fictional media that showcases characters choosing peace over violence inspires me.

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