I haven’t thought much about Bennie in ten years . . . except at the last Passover, of course. But I guess it’s time.

Finding the Courage to Speak Up

As the church’s marginalization becomes greater, believers will need more and more courage to speak and live out biblical convictions.

How to Grow in God’s Word Today

Research indicates that you can experience drastic improvement in your spiritual life by merely reading the Bible more. Here are some practical ways to grow in consistently reading God’s Word.

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Cave entrance

Easter Isn’t Over

We have life, assurance and hope — and reason to celebrate every day.

game of thrones

“Game of Thrones” and the Church People: A Parable

See, I’m just like everyone else, thought the theater-going believers, with a sense of pride. And so they were.

woman on mountain

Change Your Mind to Achieve Change

Real change only happens when we change our minds.

Woman holding flowers in a field

You Don’t Have to Be Productive Today

Our worth isn’t measured by our output, results, or tasks completed.

woman sitting at horseshoe bend

Giving God Control of My Singleness

Because God has control of my singleness, I am free to pour my time and energy into whatever opportunities come my way, even if they aren’t what I expected.