How to Be Discerning

Learning discernment is more than adhering to a list of approved behaviors or having a “sixth sense” about a situation.

The Burden of Being Ungrateful

When we forget to give thanks for the blessings in our lives, we allow our troubles to define us.

The Gift of Restlessness

We’re longing for something new, something different. Is there a reason for our restlessness?

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"The Horse and His Boy"

Fiction Teaches Me How to Feel

Reading fiction has challenged me to think critically, to ask questions and to extend grace and mercy more and more.

woman with arms open looking toward sky outside during winter

Why Christmas Frees Us From Fear

“‘Fear not…For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior…’” (Luke 2:10-11). Fear can be powerful, but God is all-powerful.

couple standing outside

4 Relationship Lessons I Learned This Year

Some important events that happened in my life this year helped me realize these four lessons about maintaining relationships.

Woman laying on leaves

3 Things I’m Not Thankful For (But Should Be)

Disappointments. Uncertainty. Annoyances. These are real frustrations and real hurts, and they are not what I would choose.

statue of lady justice

The Podcast “Serial” and God’s Heart for Justice

“Serial” captured the attention of millions with its real-life crime and unsolved mystery. What can we learn about God and justice from it?