Surviving a Crisis of Faith

A crisis of faith can occur for many reasons. Here are three ways to address spiritual doubts and move toward deeper faith.

Flee Sin and Pursue Righteousness — But How?

The Christian life isn’t for the passive or lazy — we’re told to reject sinful behavior and proactively grow in holiness. So what does that look like?

When a Pastor Like Josh Harris Abandons Christianity

Many who learned from and looked up to Josh spiritually are asking: Is this real? Is it even possible? And if so, what are we to make of this massive shift?

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man praying

Check in on your friends who are pastors — they might not be OK

Even if you think your pastor is doing fine, consider “checking in” this month. Pastors have demanding but sacred (and God-given) jobs.

woman practicing mindfulness at Grand Canyon

Should Christians Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is done through one’s own effort. Watchfulness is a recognition of and participation in the transformative work of Christ.

9 Perks of Fall (Since I’m Dreading Winter)

Once we’re past Labor Day weekend and the leaves start changing, I begin complaining that winter is coming.

When Anxiety Keeps You Up at Night

Sometimes seeking out professional help is necessary, but all anxiety requires help on some level — help that God and others around us can give.

man in dark valley

How God Is Good When Life Is Bad

Sometimes people suffer. Sometimes people are mistreated. Sometimes people die too young when other people still need them. And it all seems so unfair.