Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn is an education reporter for World News Group. She loves stories (especially the good ones), making pizza (usually double pepperoni), and spending time with friends and family. Lauren has lived most of her life in Wichita, Kan., but still regularly gets lost when driving around town.

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Worth the Risk

What can I learn now by taking a risk? What new opportunities are right in front of me that I’m missing because I stick with what I already know?

Giving God Control of My Singleness

Because God has control of my singleness, I am free to pour my time and energy into whatever opportunities come my way, even if they aren’t what I expected.

Don’t Despise the Small Things

It’s crazy to think about how God uses little things to bring about big changes — sometimes even course corrections — for us.

Talk Out Your Problems

Need to get something off your chest? Want fresh perspective? There’s good reason to talk to others about your problems.

The Gift I Didn’t Ask For

Marriage and singleness are both gifts and difficulties. It seems every season holds its own challenges and unique benefits.

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