Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn is a writer and toddler teacher, and she blogs at These Traveling Days. She loves to read books that are so good they make her want to crawl into their stories, and she can never have enough of her favorite Pixar movies or chocolate chip cookie dough.

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I Don’t Want to Be Vulnerable

“What has God been teaching you?” the leader asked. My heart beat a little faster. I barely knew these people, and this was a personal question!

Why We Long for Epic Stories

There’s something about these stories. It’s like we want to be part of something bigger than us, like we were created to be in stories like these.

What Are You Afraid Of?

We may have graduated from monster-under-the-bed worries and we might not use a nightlight anymore, but we’re still scared.

Who Am I Trying to Please?

I quit my job three weeks ago. But I didn’t feel elated like I had expected. Instead of looking forward to this big change, I began to dread the end.

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