Heather Koerner

Heather Koerner is a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer from Owasso, Okla.

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Passing the Bad Boy Right On By

Quick question: Who was the bad boy in your youth group? Or, presently, who’s the bad boy in your singles group? I don’t know about you, but the name popped immediately to my mind — and I thought about that guy as I read a recent Girls Gone Wise post b …

Do All Paths Lead to the Same Truth?

Dangerous. Disrespectful. Untrue. That’s what Stephen Prothero writes in the Wall Street Journal about the belief that all religions are pretty much the same in essentials, just differing in the nonessentials. Prothero quotes several religious philosop …

Does Religion Oppress Women?

Nicholas Kristof seems to think so as he writes in a recent New York Times article, “Religion and Women.” Specifically, he asks: “[W]hy do so many faiths help perpetuate something that most of us regard as profoundly unethical: the oppression of women? …

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