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Without Error, Without Equal

As a child, I used to think that all new cars were four-door and all the older ones only had two. Why? Because of my naive perception of society and progress; four doors made more sense than the impracticality of two doors, of course. We humans were mo …

Hey! That’s Personal!

A few years ago I didn’t have Facebook, and no one cared. It was a passing curiosity when someone asked me if I had a profile and an equally passive response when I said no. “Oh, that’s cool.” But passivity became passé when — 500 million signups later …

Kicking the Bucket List and Getting More Radical

Somewhere between Rob Reiner’s The Bucket List and David Platt’s Radical is my life, a comfortable mix of service and pleasure. To label most of my thoughts as selfish is not accurate, of course, nor is it correct to call them altruistic. But when I wo …

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