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The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson
August 22, 2019

Missions Trips and Money: Episode 603

48:52 - Taking missions trips and how to afford them, plus Priscilla Shirer on embracing your identity in Christ, and how men can make real friends.

The Boundless Show
May 23, 2008

Why Breakups Feel Like Divorce: Episode 18

Breaking up well, recent movies, and a question about lack of attraction.

The Boundless Show
May 16, 2008

Talking ‘End Times’ with Joel Rosenberg: Episode 17

Keeping a quiet time and an interview with Joel Rosenberg about the end times.

The Boundless Show
May 9, 2008

Dating Dilemmas: Episode 16

Dilemmas in dating, Facing the Giants, and a question about seeking God rather than marriage.

The Boundless Show
May 2, 2008

Don’t Be a Wimp: Episode 15

Transitioning into adulthood, recent movies, nice guys, and when to stick your nose into your friend’s relationship.

The Boundless Show
April 25, 2008

Striking Young Men Who Use Online Matching Services: Episode 14

Young men speak about online dating, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly shares his testimony, and disclosing a past struggle with pornography.

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