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Wealthy Enough

One man’s story of navigating monetary woes as a young adult.

Career vs. Calling

Man with backpack standing at fork in forest path one dark one light

God created us with the potential and nature to do His will — your calling is accompanied by the innate qualities and characteristics you’ll need to live it.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Are you feeling lonely? Consider these tips from money coach Sharon Durling. They may save your self-esteem and your wallet.

Confused About Everything

Just months away from graduation and still without a major, Julie is at Theophilus’ door, desperate for some guidance.

A Crisis of Our Own Making

Some say 30 is today’s 20. Authors Rubin and Macko say for women, 30 is mid-life — crisis and all.

Sophomore Smackdown

Some people learn to boldly take initiative from everyday occurances. Others learn it on a skateboard at the top of a dry waterslide.