Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Roberto Rivera y Carlo writes from his home in Alexandria, Va.

Cultivating Men

Jan 27, 2012|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The story of civilization is the story of how men's hearts were turned toward home.

Hoping and Living: Beyond Despair

Dec 01, 2009|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

A lifetime in my skin has taught me about the intersection of beliefs, moods, and personal circumstances in my own life ... and how I am prone to the sin of despair.

Springtime of the Church

Apr 08, 2009|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

It's about more than just a day; it's about a season.

The Happiness Trap

Sep 05, 2008|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Would you rather be "happy" or "blessed"?

Faith Beyond the Neurons

Jun 27, 2008|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Faith is a way of knowing, not a warm fuzzy.

A Peculiar People: Sex and the Young Christian

Aug 23, 2007|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Evangelical singles are in fact more likely to engage in sexual relationships than non-evangelicals, and at an earlier age. So what?

The Laissez-Faire Family

Sep 28, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Though not obvious, there's a meaningful link between the increase in childless couples and the weakening of marriage among the non-college educated.

Get to Work or Else?

Jul 27, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Most well-educated women have chosen to stay at home with their babies rather than work in the market economy. Now why would some people find that shameful?

Whose Marriage Is It Anyway?

Jun 22, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Our marriages are more than simply an expression of mutual affection. They affect the people around us, and are in turn affected by those around us.  

The Myth of Balance

Jan 12, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The myth of "balance" is one of our culture's most pervasive and destructive myths. And Perpetua did not fall for it.

Mood Disorders and a Reason to Live

Dec 29, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Our moods, and the biology behind them, don't have to have the final word.

Taking Themselves Too Seriously

Jul 28, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Judith Warner's book, "Perfect Madness" is getting a lot of press, as is the broader topic of mommy anxiety. It's high time to expose Warner's whining.

Living with Daring: Being a Dad

Jun 16, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Becoming a dad is relatively easy, biologically speaking. Becoming a good dad, now that's a whole different story.

Contending for Marriage

May 19, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

What we believe about marriage between a man and a woman has a lot to do with why so many people don't think it's a big deal to redefine it.

An Empty Future?

Apr 21, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

For a generation of singles, living life to the fullest could spell the end of life.

Destructive Myths: Love Onscreen

Nov 11, 2004|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Pop culture's ideas about relationships are hard to escape, and counter to the very thing we so hope to find.

Pagan Chic

Feb 13, 2003|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Paganism’s not just on Buffy and Charmed; it’s spreading on campus. Understanding its appeal is the key to confronting it.

The Lord of the Rings

Dec 20, 2001|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The movie got rave reviews. But the best experience, says this reviewer, is reserved for those who have read the book.

Evolution's No Excuse for Rape

Feb 16, 2000|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

You have to wonder about a worldview that justifies violence against women.

Sportin' Life: Gambling on American Campuses

Nov 11, 1999|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

When you think of gambling, what comes to mind? Tawdry showgirls and Vegas "adventures," or your roommate's computer and Saturday's home football game? It may be time to rethink.