5 Reasons the Disciplined Life Is Sexy

No matter your season of life, do not underestimate the appealing power of living a disciplined life.

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March 21, 2019

Why Do Men…?: Episode 581

55:15 – Women’s most pressing questions about men get answered, plus healthy sexuality as a single, and a girl feels crushed by her crush.

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Finding Rest in a Burnout Culture

Staying busy, working hard and striving to achieve goals aren’t bad practices, but they can’t replace our reliance on God.

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When Hustle Is an Idol

Idol. Yes, hustle is an idol if it draws you into practices that take God off the throne of your life.

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Giving God Control of My Singleness

Because God has control of my singleness, I am free to pour my time and energy into whatever opportunities come my way, even if they aren’t what I expected.

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Giving God Control of My Failure

If your life isn’t panning out as you expected and you have a hard time finding contentment in your present circumstances, give God control of your failure.

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Giving God Control of My Career

Do your job well. And then, when you’ve done all you can do, let go.


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