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Redefining Old Maid

When singleness drags on, it can feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand of cards. But marriage isn’t a prerequisite for a meaningful, joy-filled life.

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February 29, 2024

What Do You Love More Than Jesus?: Episode 839

– Identifying sneaky (and often accepted) idols, plus how to stay away from online scammers, and understanding the basics of holistic health. 

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a black and white photo of an angel statue facing away from the camera surrounded by bushes. Spiritual warfare

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare isn’t an abstraction; it’s a reality in which we all participate. Which side you aid is up to you.

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Carpe A.M.

When I do set the alarm early and actually get up when it tells me to, I find that the morning offers some unique opportunities the rest of the day doesn’t.

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Confessions of a Recovering People Pleaser

I have an innate desire to seek out other people’s approval, and while this can translate to respecting others in a good way, it is also a dangerous trait.

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How to Add Joy to Your Life

Sometimes when life feels dreary, it helps to care for ourselves in pragmatic and life-giving ways.

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Thank God I’m Not That Guy

Christianity has little to do with good people doing good things and everything to do with broken people relying completely on God.