The Psalms: God’s Epic Redemption Playlist

I hoped David and the other psalmists might help me put words to my anxious thoughts. But as I began reading and digging in, I found so much more.

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August 18, 2022

How to Wait on God: Episode 759

58:52 – Trusting God in a waiting season, plus pursuing sexual purity with godly motives, and handling conflict well in dating.

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Evangelism Requires Getting Out of Your Lane

Recently God has been showing me it’s not that hard to get out of your lane to help those in the lanes beside you.

What to Do With Doubt

Doubt is not the same as unbelief, and doubting is not necessarily sin. A Christian’s doubts can show up in many ways and for multiple reasons.

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Do I Really Have to Tip $2 for a $3 Coffee?

When paying with a credit card through a tablet, those preset tipping amounts stare at me almost as awkwardly as the barista behind the counter.

Pray for Someone Besides Yourself

Don’t pray for your own prayer requests today. Instead, take some time to pray for others’ needs.

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Buddies After a Breakup?

I don’t believe it’s appropriate for men and women to be buddies after breaking up. Here’s why.