Courage to Speak the Truth About Sexuality and Gender

Sexual sin is normalized and even celebrated around the world. Christians have God’s truth about sex on our side. The question is: Do we believe it, and are we brave enough to proclaim it?

Letter to My 26-Year-Old Self

Though you may feel as if you’ve been dealt the short straw when it comes to love, you were created for it.

The False Promise of Gay Pride

I secretly felt shame in my identity as a gay man, though you would never know it by the number of boyfriends I cycled through, the gay bars I frequented, and the pride parades I attended.

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woman sitting alone on bench

I Don’t Want to “Embrace” Singleness

So, what do we do with our singleness?

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The New Kid in Town

Just as I learned when I was 12, waiting for others to seek out your company is a slow and ineffective means of creating community.

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My Boundless Internship Almost Didn’t Happen

Little did I know that the Boundless internship was in God’s plan for me; it just showed up a little farther along the path.

The Cost of Multitasking

Sure, we can multitask, but we can’t multitask as well as we think we can.