5 Reasons the Disciplined Life Is Sexy

No matter your season of life, do not underestimate the appealing power of living a disciplined life.

Four Adulthood Statistics That Have Changed in the Past Decade

The statistics for millennials around marriage, employment and childbearing may be discouraging — but God isn’t bound by statistics.

Examine Thy Father and Mother

Step back and observe what your parents did and taught to see how it lines up with God’s perspective.

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Experiencing Anxiety for the First Time

Recognizing anxiety for what it is can be valuable in learning how to deal with it.

Carpe A.M.

When I do set the alarm early and actually get up when it tells me to, I find that the morning offers some unique opportunities the rest of the day doesn’t.

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Millennials Are Saving for Retirement Sooner Than Previous Generations

It seems that millennials are heeding the warnings of those who have gone before us to stay out of debt, save money, and avoid lifestyle creep.

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Am I Less Mature Because I’m Single?

Am I less mature than some of my married friends? It’s possible. But if so, I can’t blame it on my singleness.

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Why I’m Still Single This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, God is quite aware that you and I are still single. And He’s OK with that. Are we?