A Higher Purpose for Your Diet

For the Christian, a healthy diet is about more than following rules, shedding weight, looking good or proving our worth.

3 Habits That Build Courage

As Christians, we are uniquely and richly equipped for courageous living. So where do we start?

Switching Jobs

How should post-college Christians respond to desires or opportunities to switch jobs or careers? Here are four principles to guide you in making this decision.

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A photo of Hobbiton from New Zealand

It’s Time to Finally Do That Thing

It’s easy to think we’ll work on something next week or next month or even tomorrow, but assuming isn’t the same as actually doing. Maybe it’s time to take the first step.

married couple at wedding eating cake

How Far Is Too Far Before Marriage?

Every woman I ever dated ended up getting married to another man. How awkward would it be for that man to know I had gotten physical with his wife?

Can You Trust God with Your Pain?

You Can Trust God with Your Pain

Does God care when we struggle with the pain of missing out — on marriage, family and dreams? If so, can we trust Him with our pain?


I want to live a firstfruits lifestyle, where I not only put Him first, but I give Him my best.

A Word About People-Pleasing

A Word About People-Pleasing

Since childhood, I’ve worried about others’ opinions of me. I’m learning God’s promises lessen the power others’ opinions hold on me.