Broken Christmas

Getting through a rough holiday season can be a challenge, but creating new traditions can provide some comfort and joy.

Your Extraordinary Purpose in an Ordinary Life

If money and success isn’t your purpose, then what is? Why are you living your life the way you are?

Body Shame and the Imago Dei

Every human being, every body, is deserving of respect and dignity.

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woman reading by christmas tree

A Single Adult’s Christmas Bucket List

Let’s make this a Christmas to remember!

women at dinner party

Bring Back the Dinner Party

Fall is perfect to host a dinner party. An online search of “dinner party ideas” will produce ample guidance. Here are some steps to get the ball rolling.

Paper airplane over city

Breaking Free From My Lists

After years of working off to-do lists, I have realized that I began to judge the success of my days by how many tasks I checked off my list.

Why Millennials and Gen Z Should Financially Invest

Investing is confusing and can be risky. But we gain so much by stepping into these new experiences, and our economy is improved by our participation.

How to Find a Life Coach

They know you, they encourage the development of your skills and passions, and then they help you achieve your life goals.