Compassion for Singles

Though they might seem compassionate, some singles ministries are actually more of a hindrance.

Making it a Merry Christmas

If holidays with your family leave you feeling depressed, it may be time for some new resolutions.

Silent Night, Lonely Night

God knows, Christmas can be a very difficult time of year.

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two hands touching in darkness

The Importance of Touch

We need physical touch, and we have a model in Jesus of what is appropriate, generous and pure.

man standing on rocks overlooking ocean

The Curse of Ambition

If you find yourself with zero motivation, you may need to start pushing yourself. But if you struggle to rest, force yourself to set some boundaries.

woman waiting for her turn

God Doesn’t Make Us Take Turns

“Your turn’s coming!” Now that I’m nearing the end of my 20s, my family seems to be saying that less and less.

man sitting in dark room

The Problem of Porn

Despite what porn advocates preach, it isn’t safe, harmless and fun. It is evil.

Couple holding sparklers in winter

Relationship Goals for the New Year

Whatever your situation or status, you can and should have relationship goals. Aim high this year, knowing you’ll be building a foundation for the future.