The False Promise of Gay Pride

I secretly felt shame in my identity as a gay man, though you would never know it by the number of boyfriends I cycled through, the gay bars I frequented, and the pride parades I attended.

Why Get Married?

Read on to discover three reasons why marriage matters.

“No” Isn’t a Dirty Word

It doesn’t feel OK to say no, but sometimes we should.

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When I Feel Sorry for Myself

As I question my life circumstances or (unwisely) compare them with others’, my God is working out details and preparing me for my future.

woman and child by beach at sunset

Your Important Role as an Aunt (or Uncle)

I want my nephew to know I will always love him and be available to him. Here are the ways I’m intentionally developing this important relationship.

The Unhappiness Lie

When I experience negative emotions, I can find solace in my relationship with Him and the fact that He is unchangingly loving and gracious.

One Thing I’m Glad I Pursued as a Young Adult: 6 Authors Weigh In

Speakers and authors from Boundless’ past Pursuit conference share learnings from young adulthood.

locker room

The Way I Talk About Sex in the Locker Room

As a professional soccer player, I spend a lot of time in locker rooms. And with locker rooms, there are inevitably locker room conversations. While there are times when the locker room is a familiar and comfortable place, I loathe the times when the b …