Career vs. Calling

God created us with the potential and nature to do His will — your calling is accompanied by the innate qualities and characteristics you’ll need to live it.

Am I Loved?

As I searched for true intimacy, I discovered five things I could do to feel loved and give love, even when romance seemed elusive.

How Should We Then Work?

How can we integrate our faith with what we do with most of our waking hours: work?

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The “Old Money” Aesthetic — a Pandemic Trend

Nostalgia is comforting in a confusing and increasingly divided world. And returning to simple pleasures in a screen-driven culture can lead to a good place.

The Art of Being a Good Neighbor

Living in modern times, we can drive miles from home to participate in activities, connect with friends and attend church. The concept of an actual physical neighbor has been displaced.

man in sunny fall forest

20 Ways to Reset Your Life This Fall

The key to a successful reset is not taking matters into your own hands. Making healthy adjustments in your life should not be an attempt to “fix” yourself.


Fighting the Loneliness of “Graduation Paralysis”

I confess that when I look back on my life, the fear of graduation paralysis often amounted to nothing at all.

marriage can become an idol

When Marriage Becomes an Idol

It is an idolatrous belief that marriage will satisfy the longings of our hearts. We’ll only feel complete when we belong to God.