The Gift of Restlessness

We’re longing for something new, something different. Is there a reason for our restlessness?

Ready, Set, Wait — Are You ‘Money Ready’?

Make sure your finances are ready for big life stages — dating, marriage, and buying a home.

When Married and Single Guys Stereotype Each Other

Do you make these assumptions about other guys based on their season of life?

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6 Ways to Ruin a Friendship

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Phony Is Spelled P-H-O-N-E

Our lives aren’t perfect, but no one’s the wiser on social media. Is this healthy for us or the people who follow us, though?

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Do I Really Have to Tip $2 for a $3 Coffee?

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3 Reasons to Get Involved With a Local Ministry

Are you thinking about volunteering at a local ministry or your church’s special outreach project? Do it. It’ll be worth your time.

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I Don’t Want to Be Vulnerable

“What has God been teaching you?” the leader asked. My heart beat a little faster. I barely knew these people, and this was a personal question!