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Redefining Old Maid

When singleness drags on, it can feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand of cards. But marriage isn’t a prerequisite for a meaningful, joy-filled life.

Saving Sex for Marriage Is Possible

Three steps to being successful with your commitment to sexual purity.

Rethinking Your Purpose as a Single

If singleness and marriage both proclaim the gospel, then why don’t we live like we believe it?

Latest from the Show

February 29, 2024

What Do You Love More Than Jesus?: Episode 839

– Identifying sneaky (and often accepted) idols, plus how to stay away from online scammers, and understanding the basics of holistic health. 

Latest from the Blog

woman sitting up in her bed in the morning, looking out a window

Carpe A.M.

When I do set the alarm early and actually get up when it tells me to, I find that the morning offers some unique opportunities the rest of the day doesn’t.

A group of friends smiling with joy

How to Add Joy to Your Life

Sometimes when life feels dreary, it helps to care for ourselves in pragmatic and life-giving ways.

Single woman sitting on a bench on valentine's day

Why I’m Still Single This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, God is quite aware that you and I are still single. And He’s OK with that. Are we?

three female friends hugging - positive touch

The Importance of Touch

We need physical touch, and we have a model in Jesus of what is appropriate, generous and pure.

woman sitting on her couch working a freelance remote job

How to Freelance Without Being Selfish

As more and more of us work this way, we need to fight the urge to listen to our self-centered culture that tempts us to make freelancing “all about me.”