Renting vs. Buying

How to know when it makes more sense to rent and when you’re ready to buy your first home.

Sacred Singleness

What if we’ve been looking at singleness all wrong?

A Woman’s Fear of Being Unwanted

What should we do when our deepest fear — of living unwanted and unloved — shivers down into our bones?

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5 Lies I Believed When I Was Single

There are lies that single adults are uniquely in danger of believing and even becoming enslaved by. Here are five lies I struggled with when I was single.

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How to Feel Better in Three Seconds

When you take your mind off your own problems for just three seconds, something amazing will happen.

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The Only Way to Be Sexually Pure

The underlying message was that if we would abstain from sexual intercourse, we would “remain pure.” If only.

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Moving Toward a Positive View of Sex

Christians should become better educated in the healthy, positive and biblical truths of what our human sexuality is supposed to be…

How to Respond When People Ask About Your Relationship Status

I learned that in most cases people aren’t bringing up your singleness to be rude; they’re saying something because they care.