How to Find Renewal When You’re Feeling Wrecked

Are you in a codependent relationship with burnout? If overcommitment, people-pleasing and self-neglect plague you, it’s time to change course.

Promise Rings and Purity Talks Aren’t Enough

Christian singles need more than the purity narrative of “save sex for marriage.”

I Want Honest Feedback — But Not Really

It’s considered mature and forward-thinking to ask for feedback. But I have no idea who’s actually doing it, because it’s sure not me or my friends.

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Lean Into Hard Things

Doing hard things stretches us. Grows us. I know that I need to grow in several areas of my life.

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Young Adults Face Pressure Surrounding “Ring by Spring”

As if finding the “perfect” spouse isn’t stressful enough, the pressure surrounding “ring by spring” can add an extra dose of anxiety.

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Fighting the “Impostor Syndrome”

You’re not an impostor; you’re a human trying to navigate through an ever-changing world.

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Unscheduled Opportunities

How do I open my eyes to what’s going on around me instead of staying locked into my own plans?

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4 Pieces of Advice as Things Get Back to “Normal”

While I can’t give specific advice for every situation, I’ve reflected on a few guiding principles that may serve us well moving forward.