A Man’s Fear of Failure

When we quietly suspect that we don’t have what it takes, we shrink back in all sorts of passive ways. So what does it take to stay engaged in the face of fear?

Is It OK to Masturbate?

Most people I counsel want to know if masturbation is a sin. But is there a bigger, deeper question to answer?

Practical Steps for Breaking Pornography Addiction

There’s no easy formula, but there is hope. I’m living proof.

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Be willing to break through your comfort zone. Pick a couple new things to try, and leave those muddy ruts behind.

God’s Relentless Pursuit of Me — a Porn Addict

God was relentlessly pursuing me — a porn-addicted son, ridden with guilt, trapped in bondage, no longer isolated in fear, but surrounded with support.

How to Battle the Holiday Blues

This time of year can bring with it feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. And for those who have lost someone they love, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a mixed bag of joy and grief.

With Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate the day by reflecting on our awesome God and thanking Him for the countless ways He cares for us.

What Are Your Coping Mechanisms?

When life is hard or trials come, how do you cope?