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The Promise of AI

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. What does this mean for humans who reflect a creative and personal God?

Are You Too Busy?

It turns out that you can’t live however you want without paying the consequences.

The Surprising Truth About Low Self-Esteem

As one who’s lived with low self-esteem, I know how uncomfortable, even torturous, it can be. But change is possible.

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a woman walking on the roots under a large tree

Returning to My Roots

In a fast-paced, changing world, there is value in remembering the past and reconnecting with the values and core beliefs that guide you.

two women having a conversation over coffee, one is a people-pleaser.

3 Ways I Fight People-Pleasing

For years, I obsessively avoided conflict and worked overtime to cater to the needs of others, whatever the cost.

Woman browsing different styles in a clothing store.

A Young Woman’s Guide to Classy and Carefree Summer Fashion

Dressing for warm weather occasions can be tricky if you want to maximize your options without showing too much skin. Here’s a trend-savvy summer style guide to get you started.

a guy and a girl riding bikes and having fun

Thou Shalt Have Fun

Our culture moves very fast, everyone is busy and we have a lot on our plates. Maybe we just need to add a splash of fun.

a man frustrated because someone just inquired about his relationship status

How to Respond When People Ask About Your Relationship Status

I learned that in most cases people aren’t bringing up your singleness to be rude; they’re saying something because they care.

Latest from the Show

July 18, 2024

Getting to Know You: Episode 859

56:31 – How to really get to know people, plus Kris Swiatocho gives advice to her 20-something self, and why are many Christians OK with gossip?