A Woman’s Fear of Being Unwanted

Many of us just made it through another holiday season without someone to love or a date to kiss in the new year. And our deepest fear — of living unwanted and unloved — shivers down into our bones.

What Child Is This?

All Allie had ever wanted was a family of her own. Working the Christmas Eve shift in the hospital’s ER was light years away from her long-cherished dream. Or was it?

Avoiding Christmas Comparisons

With an overabundance of memories, movies and reminders of others’ wedded bliss, a single adult’s holiday season can sting. But there are ways to reclaim the “merry” by focusing on what’s truly important.

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How to Accomplish Your Goals This Year

Goals are meant to challenge us, and sometimes the progress we make — even if it feels like we’ve fallen short — is more than enough.

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Relationship Goals for the New Year

Whatever your situation or status, you can and should have relationship goals. Aim high this year, knowing you’ll be building a foundation for the future.

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Goal-Setting Done Right

Change doesn’t happen overnight. When we expect to be different after simply declaring our resolutions, our expectations are quickly introduced to reality.

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The Curse of Ambition

If you find yourself with zero motivation, you may need to start pushing yourself. But if you struggle to rest, force yourself to set some boundaries.

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Let’s Talk About Feelings

For whatever reason I don’t want to tell somebody, “Hey, you hurt my feelings.” And I don’t think I’m the only one who has a hard time with that.