Busting 10 Christian Dating Myths

Are these common but unhelpful statements stalling out your dating life?

Not Inferior: What Being a “Helper” Really Means

Society can send a message that women are “less than,” but God’s created order says something entirely different.

How Can I Love Other Christians When We Argue All the Time?

God’s people have the privilege of showing unity in essentials and diversity in everything else. Here are a few ways to find common ground in Christ.

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Honoring The Lord With Unpleasant Praise

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published in 2007. I found myself thinking last night about differences between expressions of praise and worship that are beautiful and crafty, and those that are clumsy and seemingly uninspired. Naturally I’m …

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The Value in Friendly, Neighborhood Christians

Maybe you don’t feel equipped to serve God without some huge purpose. Maybe you feel guilty because you’re not doing enough “good.”

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3 Ways to Love our Muslim Neighbors

How can we demonstrate Christ’s love to our Muslim neighbors?


Revisiting “When to Settle”

When it comes to the important things such as faith, character, personality and holding similar convictions, you don’t have to compromise.

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To the Man Who’s Looking for a Smokin’ Hot Wife

As a man, looking for a hot wife isn’t bad, but parading around your attractive girlfriend or spouse speaks to deeper problems.