How Breakups Make You a Better Person

Even though it hurts, it’s not too late to make your latest heartbreak work for you.

Confessions of a DTR Consultant

Weary of the concept of the DTR? Maybe it’s time for a new perspective.

7 Awkward Money Conversations Every Seriously Dating Couple Must Have

If you want your dating relationship to get awkward, talk about money. If you want it to get really awkward, dig into these must-discuss money topics before you get married (just not too soon).

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man holding wedding rings in boxes

Would You Get Married at the Ring Store?

I don’t think it’s surprising that young adults find the idea of elopement enticing. But couples are also wise to plan for their relationship before making this sacred commitment.

two women on beach

Making Peace With Your Roommate

Although our roommate experience got off to a rocky start, God used the friendship we formed to not only bless us, but also to encourage many others.

man playing violin in airport

The Kindness of an Airport Violinist 

One person’s kindness can make all the difference. As I celebrate Christmas, I want to spread that kindness in my own ways to bless others the way I have been blessed.  

christmas gift wrapping

Pack More Meaning Into This Year’s Christmas Gifts  

We’ve all heard that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. That’s especially true when what you give builds stronger relationships. 


Mister Rogers’ Love Language: Listening

It should be no surprise that Mister Rogers has regained popularity in the past few years. Mister Rogers did wonderful things by listening to who a person was.