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Promptness Is Worth Practicing

Most of us are OK with being late, especially when we can send an “on my way” text. You aren’t late when you tell them you’re coming, right?

Biblical Dating: Men Initiate, Women Respond

So you think you’re ready to date? Scott has some suggestions on how to get started.

Is Porn Killing Men’s Desire for Marriage?

Let’s consider the potential damage fantasy sex can do to a man and his hopes to have a wife and children.

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two guys looking out over water at sunset. What to say to a friend when they admit they are same-sex attracted

What to Say When a Friend Admits Same-Sex Attraction

Here are a few suggestions of how to respond when a same-sex attracted friend or family member chooses to share their struggle.

a woman in a hat holding a coffee cup - is Gen Z the most pessimistic generation?

Is Gen Z the Most Pessimistic Generation?

Every generation faces its own set of challenges. And while the specific dynamics in our world may shift, our human needs for love and connection do not.

a woman and man on a date, the woman seems displeased and like there have been some dating mistakes

5 Dating Mistakes I’m Guilty Of

Have you ever been guilty of making one of these five dating mistakes? 

a guy and a girl on a first date

What to Talk About on a First Date

Striking a balance between mindless small talk and pouring out your heart and soul can be a challenge on a first date. Here are some helpful suggestions.

female worker handing a customer a bag of cookies over the counter, people pleaser

Confessions of a Recovering People Pleaser

I have an innate desire to seek out other people’s approval, and while this can translate to respecting others in a good way, it is also a dangerous trait.

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April 11, 2024

The Music We Hear: Episode 845

53:57 – The influence of music, plus more from Jeanine Amapola on healthy perspectives, and Lisa Anderson shares life-altering moments in her walk with God.