You Can’t Earn a Wife or Husband, So Stop Trying

Despite what others may imply, your singleness won’t come to an end once you reach a certain level of spiritual maturity or contentment.

Not Your Sister

What does it mean to be siblings in Christ?

When Marriage’s “Better” Becomes “Worse”

I’d recited my marriage vows decades ago. Now cancer would put them to the test.

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Send an Old-Fashioned Letter This Week

When we can’t be together, let’s share encouragement and hope by intentionally reaching out to others.

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The Only Lethal Mistake in Dating

There’s one thing I won’t fault myself for, and it’s this: I tried.

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Has Friendship Been Lost During the Pandemic?

With all the emotional energy involved in learning to survive and cope in a new reality, I didn’t even think about these relationships slipping away.

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5 Couples Who Prove Love Is More Than a Box of Chocolates

Here are a few husbands and wives who show how God has sustained their love through “better or worse.”

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Chosen Friends

‘Ye have not chosen one another but I have chosen you for one another.’