Not Your Buddy

Close male-female friendships can be fun and engaging, but are women putting their emotions at risk?

How Should Christians Move Forward After the 2020 Election?

In the wake of the recent election, America is more divided than ever. But for Christians, division isn’t an option. Here are a few ideas for moving forward as the body of Christ.

4 Things Every Boyfriend Really Needs From His Girlfriend

Ever wondered how you could be a better girlfriend?

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The Importance of Touch

We need physical touch, and we have a model in Jesus of what is appropriate, generous and pure.

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Give Us Guys a Break

One man offers his perspective on the dating stalemate inside the church. Maybe it’s not as easy to pursue as we always imagined.

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Racial Inequality: What I Don’t Know

We have a limited capacity that will only expand as we choose to be curious about racial inequality, rather than assuming we get it.

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Tips for Dating Someone From Your Friend Group

You can date someone from your friend group and maintain your friendships with the rest of the group.

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Kindness Evangelism

Through a smile, a kind word — or even a fist bump — I can show people that they are important, created in God’s image.