Why Reactions Hurt and Responses Heal

Whether it’s in a romantic relationship, a friendship, at work, or in an interaction with a family member, too often we react when instead we should respond.

How to Practice Social Distancing With Wisdom

Crises usually bring us together; coronavirus is keeping us apart. Here’s how to wisely approach social distancing in the areas of relationships and time management.

Neighbor Love

Neighbor love isn’t detached from Christian living — it is Christian living. It is the overflow of a transformed life.

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Racial Inequality: What I Don’t Know

We have a limited capacity that will only expand as we choose to be curious about racial inequality, rather than assuming we get it.

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Ravi Zacharias’ Advice for Those Seeking Marriage

Ravi Zacharias offers wise advice to those preparing for and seeking marriage. Here are some excerpts from his Focus on the Family Broadcast interview.

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I Feel Like a Failure

I’m not in control. I’m not perfect. And I feel like my life is falling apart. You see, I felt horrible that I had disappointed someone.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Young Adults

If you want some fresh ideas for your Mother’s Day gift, I hear you. We want to give something memorable, but moms aren’t always the easiest to shop for.

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4 Tips for “Dating” During COVID-19

Let’s make the most of this time by seeing it as a chance to get better both personally and in our relationships, rather than simply get by.