The Overlooked Trait You’ll Want in Your Mate

How a person manages stress is important. This unassuming character quality can make a big difference in your future marriage.

Answering Hard Questions During the Holidays

Whether you’re visiting family or gracing the company Christmas party, awkward questions about your job, relationship status or personal interests are bound to come up. It’s best to be prepared.

How Would Jesus Date?

While Jesus never dated, He did have friends. And His friendships reveal the nature of His relationships in such a way that we can imagine how He would date.

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Do You Fear Going Home for Thanksgiving?

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Five Ways to Help Someone in Crisis

Beyond saying, “I’ll pray for you,” some of us may feel at a loss as to how to help when tragedy strikes. Here are five meaningful ways others have helped me.

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25 Fun & Unique Date Questions

The ability to ask (and answer) questions is a good area to grow in, as well as a mark of mature adulthood.

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4 Steps to Reduce the Pain of Rejection

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