Promise Rings and Purity Talks Aren’t Enough

Christian singles need more than the purity narrative of “save sex for marriage.”

I Want Honest Feedback — But Not Really

It’s considered mature and forward-thinking to ask for feedback. But I have no idea who’s actually doing it, because it’s sure not me or my friends.

The Dangerous Beauty of Friendship

Friendship can be an enemy, a seduction of the mind lying beyond the reach of investigation. Or not.

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Do I just want her?

Do I Really Love Her or Just Want Her?

God shot me the question: If you really love her, you would want what I have planned for her. It was as if a wave of truth washed my clouded mind.

a woman and her pet

Pets Are No Substitute for People

When there’s a void in my life I need to fill, whether it’s loneliness, depression or anxiety, a roomful of puppies will never be sufficient.

proposal - ring by spring

Young Adults Face Pressure Surrounding “Ring by Spring”

As if finding the “perfect” spouse isn’t stressful enough, the pressure surrounding “ring by spring” can add an extra dose of anxiety.

men talking

Gossip: Destroyer of Community

A pastor, a friend, his wife! Yet no one seemed to care enough to confront or even ask him about the gossip that was being shared.

Young couple

Four Ways to Start Dating This Summer

Summer does hold promise for those looking for love and serious relationships.