How to Be a Dating “Wingman”

Helping your friends date in community is much more than tagging along as a third wheel.

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Marriage

If I’d known these three things before I married, I would’ve been much better prepared.

How to Not Almost Break Up With Your Future Spouse

Learning to communicate is a lot like learning to dance. Start slow, learn your paces, respond to your partner’s movements, pay attention, trust, and enjoy.

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5 Ways Romantic Love Blinds Us

Sometimes wisdom gets shucked out the door along with my sanity.

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The Best Question Someone Asked Me While Dating

I don’t remember who the date was with, but I remember debriefing with my pastor’s wife afterward. Then she turned and asked a question I wasn’t expecting.

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Who Should Pay for a Date?

Be honest with one another — let your yes be yes and your no be no — manage expectations, show grace, have a plan…

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Young Adults

If you want some fresh ideas for your Mother’s Day gift, I hear you. We want to give something memorable, but moms aren’t always the easiest to shop for.

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Instantly Improve Your Conversation Skills

The point of conversations is to either share information or deepen a relationship.