Answering Hard Questions During the Holidays

Whether you’re visiting family or gracing the company Christmas party, awkward questions about your job, relationship status or personal interests are bound to come up. It’s best to be prepared.

Get Serious About Online Dating

Online dating worked for me — but only after I took off the rose-colored glasses and got real. Here are some tips for getting serious about finding love online.

When You Learn About His (or Her) Sexual Past

When a significant other confesses past sexual sin, you’ll need to navigate these five common assumptions.

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couple sitting on couch with parents

Home (to Your Date’s) for the Holidays

Time with your date’s family over the holidays can offer important insights into his or her character and relational health.

Documentary Dismantles “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”

Author Joshua Harris is behind a documentary that calls into question many of the prescriptive guidelines in his classic book. It’s a bold move that again begs the question: Is there a “right” way to date?

Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris Apologizes for ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’

Two years ago, Joshua Harris began re-evaluating his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” Now he’s apologizing, and it’s being discontinued.

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If Only Life Were a Romantic Comedy

The leading lady for my romantic comedy kept getting recast. Despite my tenacity, the romantic relationships I pursued weren’t working out.

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4 Steps to Reduce the Pain of Rejection

When I got rejected, I questioned every detail, which only led to more pain. But I’ve learned there are better ways to deal with rejection.