The Hindrance of a Hint

Being direct seems like tossing dry twigs into a roaring fire. Who knows what could go up in flames?

Beyond Racial Division: A Conversation With Sociologist George Yancey

Is antiracism the antidote to racial and cultural division in our country? Dr. George Yancey says there’s a better way.

6 Steps to Great Dating

Just because we can’t find dating in the Bible doesn’t make it wrong. But you will need to go against the grain of your culture.

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Friends First or Straight to the Date?

If you allow a person you’re interested in to catch a glimpse through some friend-like interactions before asking her on a date, you may stand a better chance of getting a “yes.”

A blurry picture of a group of women walking

If You’re Seeking Community, Be Prepared for Accountability

People forsake accountability because they believe it begin and ends with the confession of sin. This loses the heart of what community truly is.

Group standing outside during sunset

5 Places to Meet Your Next Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend)

All singles — not just Christian singles — struggle to meet new people. Here is a list that might give you some ideas of where you can meet people.

The Art of Being a Good Neighbor

Living in modern times, we can drive miles from home to participate in activities, connect with friends and attend church. The concept of an actual physical neighbor has been displaced.

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The Value in Friendly, Neighborhood Christians

Maybe you don’t feel equipped to serve God without some huge purpose. Maybe you feel guilty because you’re not doing enough “good.”