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Neighbor Love

Neighbor love isn’t detached from Christian living — it is Christian living. It is the overflow of a transformed life.

Why I’m Attracted to Guys Who Aren’t Good for Me

An Uber driver explained in one sentence why I consistently date the wrong guys — but the hard work of changing my dating patterns was up to me.

10 Incredibly Creative Dates That Are Practically Free

Level up your dating game this Valentine’s Day with these cheap, out-of-the-box date ideas.

Latest from the Show

February 29, 2024

What Do You Love More Than Jesus?: Episode 839

– Identifying sneaky (and often accepted) idols, plus how to stay away from online scammers, and understanding the basics of holistic health. 

Latest from the Blog

female worker handing a customer a bag of cookies over the counter, people pleaser

Confessions of a Recovering People Pleaser

I have an innate desire to seek out other people’s approval, and while this can translate to respecting others in a good way, it is also a dangerous trait.

colorful block pieces of a United States of America puzzle - best states for dating

The Best States for Dates (And Does It Matter?)

A list of the most desirable states for dating — but is finding a life partner really up to geography alone?

Boyfriend and girlfriend sitting next to each other on the ground thinking "Should we get married?"

How Do I Know If We Should Get Married?

I asked my married friends how they knew they should marry their spouse. Here are their answers.

three female friends hugging - positive touch

The Importance of Touch

We need physical touch, and we have a model in Jesus of what is appropriate, generous and pure.

a group of friends walking together and smiling. In-person friendship

Who Are Your Real Friends?

It’s not too late to prioritize authentic in-person friendships that are deeper and more satisfying.