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3 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

We all love social media – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. I mainly used Facebook. I wasn’t obsessed, but I needed to quit.

When You’re the Only Christian at Work

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by like-minded folks growing up. However, the realization that I’m not entitled to a Christian place of work was pivotal. Why not show my love for Christ by interacting honorably and respectfully within a diverse setting — as Christ did?

Fighting the Loneliness of “Graduation Paralysis”

I never imagined myself hunting deer across the steppes of Asia. And I’d never trade my favorite pair of jeans for a tunic made of bison hide. Yet I and so many other young adults are living nomadic lives. And it’s painfully lonely.

Engagement Stories: Bethany & Chris

One Wednesday afternoon, I received a Facebook message request from a guy named Chris Murphy. Because I get business inquiries on Facebook, I opened and read the message even though I didn’t know him. I was quite surprised to read that he was a fellow Boundless reader.

Boundless Meetup in Dallas, TX

Lisa Anderson and Kathryn Eutsler are coming to Dallas, Texas, and they want to hang out with Boundless fans! If you’re in the area, join the Boundless team at Panera Bread for a casual evening.

Admitting She’s My Enemy

I was often told “don’t say you ‘hate’ someone —  that’s very strong language,” so I learned to avoid the words “hate” and “enemy.”

Trusting God: Marrying a Cancer Survivor

“Run. Bolt before he dies and leaves you heartbroken.” That’s what a friend said when I told her about the cancer-surviving man I had met in the elevator. In my brain, the word survivor created feelings of fear and uncertainty, not happiness and celebration.

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