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For Those Not Feeling Much for God

Do I really believe what I say I do about God and who He is? Even when I don’t feel hopeful, do I trust that He is my strength and my shield?

Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

I love the intentionality that comes with Lent, because I have to pay closer attention to my diet, or my time, or my money, and consider how they all can bring glory to God.

3 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

We all love social media – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. I mainly used Facebook. I wasn’t obsessed, but I needed to quit.

When You’re the Only Christian at Work

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by like-minded folks growing up. However, the realization that I’m not entitled to a Christian place of work was pivotal. Why not show my love for Christ by interacting honorably and respectfully within a diverse setting — as Christ did?

Fighting the Loneliness of “Graduation Paralysis”

I never imagined myself hunting deer across the steppes of Asia. And I’d never trade my favorite pair of jeans for a tunic made of bison hide. Yet I and so many other young adults are living nomadic lives. And it’s painfully lonely.

Engagement Stories: Bethany & Chris

From a Facebook message, to saying “I love you” on the first date, to 200 miles between them. This is the engagement story of Bethany and Chris.

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