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Content(ish) Single

I’m starting to realize that what I’ve named contentment is really something more akin to selfishness.

Finding Deep Love

How can they know the love Christ if His ambassadors do not drip of this love?

For Those Not Feeling Much for God

Do I really believe what I say I do about God and who He is? Even when I don’t feel hopeful, do I trust that He is my strength and my shield?

Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

I love the intentionality that comes with Lent, because I have to pay closer attention to my diet, or my time, or my money, and consider how they all can bring glory to God.

3 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

We all love social media – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. I mainly used Facebook. I wasn’t obsessed, but I needed to quit.

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