Confessions of a Legalist

Legalism is dangerous because it defaces God in my heart. God reveals Himself through His words. When I add to them, I add something false to my understanding of who He is.

6 Reasons Why I’m a Follower of Jesus

They’re pretty basic, yet somehow we often manage to lose sight of them. So here are some reminders.

Am I Loved?

As I searched for true intimacy, I discovered five things I could do to feel loved and give love, even when romance seemed elusive.

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A blurry picture of a group of women walking

If You’re Seeking Community, Be Prepared for Accountability

People forsake accountability because they believe it begin and ends with the confession of sin. This loses the heart of what community truly is.

Christians Are Weird

Throughout the Bible, God tells us to be different. He calls us not to think the same, act the same, even dress or speak the same.

Ruth and a Lesson in Redemption

Surely God didn’t put this story in the Bible only to tell us how to find a spouse.


We Say We Pray for Our Leaders…But Do We?

How often do we actually do the praying we know we should do?

a wonderful life

Does God Really Have a Wonderful Plan for My Life?

God loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life but the whole “wonderful” thing doesn’t seem to have worked out for a lot of people who believed that.