When a Pastor Like Josh Harris Abandons Christianity

Many who learned from and looked up to Josh spiritually are asking: Is this real? Is it even possible? And if so, what are we to make of this massive shift?

A Higher Purpose for Your Diet

For the Christian, a healthy diet is about more than following rules, shedding weight, looking good or proving our worth.

Something to Lose

Considering marriage at 30 and beyond.

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How God Is Good When Life Is Bad

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Sex, Sin and “The Bachelorette”

What I think “The Bachelorette” gets right and wrong about sex, sin, grace and discipleship.

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3 Lessons We Can Learn From Kara Tippetts’ Life

“What if instead of being angry at life, what if you learned something of love today?” —Kara Tippetts

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Truth for When You Feel Worthless

God made you. He loves you. You have worth. And you don’t have to earn it.

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Where Will the Devil Attack You Next?

The world needs you and your gifts, so get back up and fight back with all you have.