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Free Your Enemy

Though often cheesy, some church signs include profound truths. This one made me consider making some changes.

Don’t Follow Your Heart

I don’t have the wisdom to define my destiny without making a royal wreck of my life and inflicting untold pain on those I love most.

Compassion for Singles

Though they might seem compassionate, some singles ministries are actually more of a hindrance.

Latest from the Show

February 15, 2024

Male Friendship: Episode 837

54:17 – Finding fun and inspiration in other men, plus Scott Kedersha on doing devotions as a dating couple, and how guys can serve single moms.

Latest from the Blog

A guy looking smugly at the camera - sinner

Thank God I’m Not That Guy

Christianity has little to do with good people doing good things and everything to do with broken people relying completely on God.

woman hiking doing whatever it takes to get to the top

Whatever It Takes

What am I willing to give up to know and trust God more?

Woman in hat, holding white tulips - no need for productivity

You Don’t Have to Be Productive Today

Our worth isn’t measured by our output, results, or tasks completed.

young man reading a map in a forrest

You Don’t Need a Map

I was still spinning in this new experience, grappling for signs of what I was supposed to do next. “I feel like I don’t have a map.”

young guy walking in a city thinking about change

New Year, Same You

We all crave change, but maybe spending January coming up with ways to be new isn’t the best path forward.