Grace In Guilt

Guilt is a gift, a form of God’s grace to expose me to my true self and force me to take seriously my sin.

The Virtues of Vacation

The Christian life isn’t just work. It’s also play.

I Attended 12 Churches in 28 Months

Traveling around the country allowed me to see and experience a dozen churches in action. Here’s what I learned.

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Do I just want her?

Do I Really Love Her or Just Want Her?

God shot me the question: If you really love her, you would want what I have planned for her. It was as if a wave of truth washed my clouded mind.

a woman and her pet

Pets Are No Substitute for People

When there’s a void in my life I need to fill, whether it’s loneliness, depression or anxiety, a roomful of puppies will never be sufficient.


The Power of Purposeful Kindness

True kindness is sacrificial. It isn’t just paying for the person behind you in line at Starbucks (although that is kind).

woman dealing with FOMO

Facing FOMO

I’ve been convicted about FOMO recently, and the Lord has been teaching me a lot.

Marvin Olasky

Five Questions With WORLD Magazine Editor in Chief Marvin Olasky

Lauren Dunn has a conversation with editor, author and university professor, Marvin Olasky.