Hey, Beautiful (Part 1)

I nod grimly at the mirror and can’t help thinking: How do you have a life without a face? Especially when a pretty face is all you ever were.

Don’t Waste Your Unemployment

God’s Word has plenty to teach us about life and work and what to do when we’re struggling to discover what’s next.

How to Find True Contentment

True contentment in today’s world is a rare commodity.

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man on beach

Self-Care’s Shortcomings

While articles on self-care offer some wisdom and insight, I often find myself walking away with temporary fixes and a bigger to-do list.

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Church Attendance Down During COVID-19

While I may be discontent with the digital format at times, it is making a difference in my spiritual life.

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How’s Your Body? (And Your Soul)

The beautiful thing about Jesus’ physical healings is the way they led to spiritual healing.

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7 Bible Verses to Remember When the World Seems Out of Control

‘Tis grace has brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.

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Painful Prayer & The Screwtape Letters

As C.S. Lewis said, gaining this euphoric feeling during prayer is fickly dependent on our circumstances.