Living Well With Unsatisfied Longings

We don’t have to live at the whim of our longings, nor must we disown them.

Seek the Good of Your City

We are living in a world that is not our home. We are exiles. So what does God want us to do while we are here?

Can I Trust That God Is Good?

How knowing the Good Shepherd changes everything.

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thankful woman

A Lifelong Habit of Thankfulness

God’s provision is most obvious when we stop and look for it. And nothing helps me stop and look like my thankfulness journal.

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The Holy Gift Of Lament

The key to lamenting well is to realize that we were not designed to live in lament. We were designed for joy. Lament is but a pit-stop on the way.

Four Thankfulness Lessons From the Past Four Years

As I’ve sought to live in thankfulness the past four years, I’ve noticed a deep joy and peace take root in my heart.

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Why Comparing Our Struggles Is a Losing Game

I don’t want to waste my pain comparing it to someone else’s.

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An Unprecedented Thanksgiving

We can all find something to be thankful for even in these strange times, especially with Thanksgiving coming next week.