Moving Beyond Personal Faith

Developing your personal spiritual disciplines is good, of course. But there’s more to our faith than that.

Giving Church a Second Chance

What to do when you’re not fitting in or finding your place at church.

The Friendship of Faith and Science

In the Bible, faith is contrasted with sight, not with science. In fact, the more we know about science, the more it screams for the necessity of an intelligent outside agent.

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How Not to Sound Judgy

Misunderstandings of where our moral decisions come from happen all the time. Are there ways to model our convictions that can prevent these misconceptions?

When I Feel Sorry for Myself

As I question my life circumstances or (unwisely) compare them with others’, my God is working out details and preparing me for my future.


Christian Music Makes Me Cringe

I’ve got a confession: I can’t stand contemporary Christian music. It seems like we often let any song that says the name of Jesus pass as quality music.

5 Fictional Characters Who Demonstrate Courage

Meet five fictional characters who demonstrate courage and can inspire us to find courage and strength in God.

How to Deal with Criticism

Three Ways to Handle Criticism

This wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced criticism. Here are three positive ways I’ve learned to deal with it.