Love in Action

Christ’s call is to think differently, to live unexpectedly.

Missional Discipleship: Reinterpreting the Great Commission

We’re called not to mere soul-winning, but to distinctive discipleship.

A Psalmist’s Cry for the Depressed

Psalm 77 is among many psalms that are a voice for those of us struggling with depression and mental illness. Their words have comforted the saints throughout history, and they still speak for us today.

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man sitting on bench, with terrible posture, mind you, look at phone

The Reason We Assume the Worst When People Don’t Text Us Back

When I project negative facts, motives or thoughts onto other people, it often says more about my heart than it does the person I’m judging.

man on cliff

“Life Will Be Better When…”

I’m dating a great guy and instead of enjoying where we are, I’m always thinking about how life will be better when we take the next step.

woman in field

Has History Dealt Millennials a Bad Hand?

Without the knowledge that God is working behind the scenes to restore and reconcile His creation and the people He loves, the prognosis for this life would seem bleak.

woman in forest

Seven Singles to Look Up To

Here are a few examples of singles who inspire me by choosing to be content in their situations.

man on beach

For Those Not Feeling Much for God

Do I really believe what I say I do about God and who He is? Even when I don’t feel hopeful, do I trust that He is my strength and my shield?