What’s the Big Deal About Assisted Suicide?

It seems like an easy and empowering solution to end-of-life suffering, but the moral and practical implications of assisted suicide are more than meets the eye. 

Compassion for Singles

Though they might seem compassionate, some singles ministries are actually more of a hindrance.

How Should Christians Move Forward After the 2020 Election?

In the wake of the recent election, America is more divided than ever. But for Christians, division isn’t an option. Here are a few ideas for moving forward as the body of Christ.

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woman reading bible

Two Ways We Misunderstand Sin

Because we are now united with Christ, we hate the sin that remains in our lives and we actively fight against it.


Make Time for a Mentor

A mentor is not there to diagnose problems you may present. Their main objective is to listen, engage, pray for you and offer wisdom.

woman waiting for her turn

God Doesn’t Make Us Take Turns

“Your turn’s coming!” Now that I’m nearing the end of my 20s, my family seems to be saying that less and less.

clay pots

Vessels for God’s Glory

Two of my favorite analogies in the Bible are being clay in God’s hands and the treasure in jars of clay. What does it mean to be a vessel for God?

man with bible by lake

Is the Way We Think About Male Spiritual Leadership a Myth?

Is the way we typically think of spiritual leadership just a myth?