What Jesus Meant When He Called Us Family

What the early church can teach us about living together, and loving, as Jesus intended.

The Power to Love and Forgive

When we recognize God’s love for us, and our hopeless situation apart from His love, we can begin to truly love another.

Bowing to Convenience

Too many times I let convenience control my perspective and decisions, and even steal my joy and focus. Where does this attitude come from?

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The Gift of Advent

What unfulfilled hopes grip your heart this Advent season?

Whatever It Takes

What am I willing to give up to know and trust God more?

What’s the Deal With Fasting?

Fasting isn’t just about going without food; it’s about connecting with the Creator in a deeper way.

Are You Supporting Your Spiritual Health?

Instead of feeling deprived when we obey what God says in His Word, we should feel encouraged that we are choosing what is best for us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A blurry picture of a group of women walking

If You’re Seeking Community, Be Prepared for Accountability

People forsake accountability because they believe it begin and ends with the confession of sin. This loses the heart of what community truly is.