All God’s Callings

Most Christian students are called to serve God in fields other than professional ministry. Not enough of them realize that.

Why I Dated a Transplant Patient Who Thought He Was Dying

None of us are guaranteed health, success, or a problem-free existence. The mission of my life is not self-preservation, but to trust and obey God.

Joy Elusive

I want to walk in God-given joy, but how? As I searched Scripture for the answer, I discovered that joy isn’t always found in expected places.

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Bible Memory (Not) Made Easy

Whether you’re starting out or have been memorizing for years, check out these methods of memorizing Scripture to find what works best for you.

Be Anxious About Nothing

The more I read my Bible, pray, and share my concerns with those close to me, the less I worry and the more strength I gain to fight my battles.

How Do You Measure Your Worth?

When the world makes us feel less than or like we’re not cutting it, God’s Word tells us we are infinitely worthy because of Him.

On Guarding Our Hearts

If we guard our hearts from emotions, we also guard them from intimacy.

6 Reasons to Trust God This Year

Even when our circumstances are discouraging or uncertain, we can have hope because our God never changes and will forever be our stronghold.