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Loving Those Who Leave Christianity

My worry is that as Christians, we sometimes respond out of insecurity and anger, instead of love, to those who leave the faith.

The Cross: Crucial in Worship

It’s not enough to sing songs about God’s love that produce warm feelings in our hearts. We need to remember the reality of Christ crucified.

Returning to Church After Abuse

Help for survivors of child abuse to return to church and begin their spiritual healing.

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an older and a younger woman talking and smiling - the older is a spiritual mother to the younger

How to Be a Spiritual Mother

Whether as a mentor, discipler, caregiver or friend, every woman has a role to play in nurturing and training others.

the side profile of a woman wanting to be a better person

I Want to Be a Better Person

I want so much to be a better person. I make efforts to be better, then get exhausted and stop and then go back to worrying and try again. It’s a sad cycle.

a black and white photo of Mandisa and Suzanne Gosselin

Mandisa: An Example of Praise

Those who live with vulnerability and a tender heart in the public eye open themselves up to both admiration and ridicule. But Mandisa persistently praised through the pain.

A Bible laying open on a table, with Scripture heavily highlighted

4 Reasons to Memorize Scripture This Year

I’m determined to memorize larger chunks of Scripture. I want God’s Word infused deep down into my life more than anything.

a man holding his stomach. He has health issues and is thinking about when God's plans are different from ours

When God’s Plans Are Different Than Ours

Why hasn’t God healed me? I don’t have an answer to that question. And God doesn’t owe me one, either.

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May 23, 2024

Protect Your Mental Health: Episode 851

57:30 – Mental health strategies for everyday life, plus more on how singles can make the most of today, and handling awkward same-gender friend dynamics.