God’s Will Is Not a Mystery

I realized it wasn’t my responsibility to find God’s will. Rather, God would lovingly bring me to it.

Solace From Silence: Comforting the Bereaved

After a death occurs, there are no perfect words. Perhaps the most loving response is a willingness to linger with our bereaved friend beside their loss.

What My Abortions Taught Me

If only I had known how my choices would affect my life and my relationships.

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Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

I love the intentionality that comes with Lent, because I have to pay closer attention to my diet, or my time, or my money, and consider how they all can bring glory to God.

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Knowing When and How to Speak Up

The reason we must speak up is because God commands it — but also, our world needs it. Imagine if Bryan Stevenson had stayed quiet, or William Wilberforce or Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

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3 Reasons Why We Should Still Talk About Abortion

Do something. Tell the world that every life – born, unborn, mother, father, child – matters. Then show them that they matter to you.

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There are benefits to short periods of solitude. But what about those longer stretches — the ones you normally don’t choose for yourself?

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You Don’t Need a Map

I was still spinning in this new experience, grappling for signs of what I was supposed to do next. “I feel like I don’t have a map.”