How to Find True Contentment

True contentment in today’s world is a rare commodity.

7 Healing Scriptures for When You Feel Unloved

The most powerful way to defeat the lie that says you’re unlovable is to replace it with truth. Here are seven Bible verses to get you started in the fight.

How to Be Discerning

Learning discernment is more than adhering to a list of approved behaviors or having a “sixth sense” about a situation. Here is how you can be discerning.

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man crying

The God Who Cries With Us

The shortest verse in the Bible is also one of the most earthshaking: “Jesus wept.”

Single and Fruitful

Every believer can bear lasting fruit, regardless of relationship status. Don’t wait to be fruitful; start planting today.

Why Remember the Past?

We learn most about God from His Word, but He also teaches us about himself through nature and history.

What’s the Deal With Fasting?

Fasting isn’t just about going without food; it’s about connecting with the Creator in a deeper way.

old hard-back books

Love Your Story, Even the Hard Chapters

We’re all stories written by God. But it’s easy to hate parts of your story. Maybe your story isn’t panning out the way you expected it to.