Am I Loved?

As I searched for true intimacy, I discovered five things I could do to feel loved and give love, even when romance seemed elusive.

Do You Want to Be Happy? Read Your Bible.

Did you know there’s an appropriately selfish motivation to read your Bible? The reason may surprise you, and it comes from an unlikely place.

Stealing from Baby Jesus (Part 2)

Once upon a time, I dreamed about a wife, a dog, and an SUV parked beside a white picket fence. Now, I’m 26 and living in a homeless shelter. Just like any fairy tale you drag into real life, I’m living unhappily ever after.

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woman holding map

You Don’t Need a Map

I was still spinning in this new experience, grappling for signs of what I was supposed to do next. “I feel like I don’t have a map.”

woman sitting by blue ocean

Coping With the “New Decade Blues”

Now, a week into the new year, I feel a little deflated. And I’m not alone.

man looking over shoulder

Looking Back Before Looking Forward

Looking back and remembering what God has done for us will help us look forward this year.

man playing violin in airport

The Kindness of an Airport Violinist 

One person’s kindness can make all the difference. As I celebrate Christmas, I want to spread that kindness in my own ways to bless others the way I have been blessed.  

sad woman in winter

Why This Christmas Won’t Be Perfect

Because of Christmas, we have hope that God will always be with us in our loneliness and disappointment and grief, and that He will redeem all of it.