How Simple Traditions Can Add Meaning to the Holidays

Celebrating the season is about more than just adding activities to an already packed schedule.  

In the Meantime: What to Do While Waiting on God

Haven’t met your future mate? Getting anxious? Relax; you’ve got things to do while you wait. Here are eight suggestions for flourishing in The Meantime.

How to Pray Specific Scriptures Over Your Circumstances

By praying God’s own words and claiming His promises, our prayers are guaranteed to be more effective.

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‘God Doesn’t Care About Your Problems’

“Just because your problem isn’t supposedly as bad as someone else’s, doesn’t mean it’s not important to you,” he explained.

3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Advent

Celebrating Advent isn’t the point. Ultimately, we want all our activity this season — the busyness and the intentionality — to pull us closer to our God.

With Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate the day by reflecting on our awesome God and thanking Him for the countless ways He cares for us.

Elisabeth Elliot’s Lesson on Surrender (Part 2)

Choosing to surrender is difficult. Yet in the middle of these very real challenges, I’ve found there are blessings too.

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Change Your Mind to Achieve Change

Real change only happens when we change our minds.