How Simple Traditions Can Add Meaning to the Holidays

Celebrating the season is about more than just adding activities to an already packed schedule.  

So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry

Making disciples — whatever their marital status — happens when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

The Right Way to Judge People

Scripture tells Christians to make judgments on everything from ethics to theology to behavior. But why can’t we seem to do it right?

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man with homeless man and cat

Thankfulness in Action

Let us all respond with thankfulness in action for the many gifts God has given us.

Man loonking down at beach

What’s Wrong With Me?

In the body of Christ, it’s time for me to stop trying to be the hand.


Mister Rogers’ Love Language: Listening

It should be no surprise that Mister Rogers has regained popularity in the past few years. Mister Rogers did wonderful things by listening to who a person was.

person on top of a mountain

Myth of the “Super Me”

My life may never match my Pinterest board dreams. But Jesus has saved me from needing to be perfect or impressive, and all my insufficiencies will never change my standing with Him.

woman painting

Your Artistic Passion Has Purpose

Artistic expression doesn’t have to ooze crosses and fishes. Maybe it’s better to simply exemplify the character of Christ in art.