Something to Lose

Considering marriage at 30 and beyond.


I haven’t thought much about Bennie in ten years . . . except at the last Passover, of course. But I guess it’s time.

Finding the Courage to Speak Up

As the church’s marginalization becomes greater, believers will need more and more courage to speak and live out biblical convictions.

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Pets Are No Substitute for People

When there’s a void in my life I need to fill, whether it’s loneliness, depression or anxiety, a roomful of puppies will never be sufficient.

dying flowers

Breakups Can Never Break You

Remember who loves you, regardless of how people treat you.

Hands around baby's feet

What Will Our Generation Do About Abortion?

Will our generation see a change in abortion? The potential is there.

bison fighting

An Everyday Christian’s Guide to Conflict

Conflict is a part of life. And conflict-resolution skills can serve us well in many arenas — in dating, with friends, at work and in ministry.

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Leading You On: It’s Not That Simple

Truth is when you ask a friend out on a date, you’re not the only one in a vulnerable position. Risking rejection is as difficult as rejecting a friend.