When God Disappoints You

A failed relationship felt like a slap in the face from God. I was disappointed at the time, but now I know I had a lot to learn.

The Jesus We Need to Know

If the point of the Gospels is to show us the heart of the Son of God, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at who Jesus is.

A Higher Purpose for Your Diet

For the Christian, a healthy diet is about more than following rules, shedding weight, looking good or proving our worth.

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March 30, 2023

Long-Distance Dating: Episode 791

56:57 – Successfully dating long-distance, plus becoming a master communicator, and is it OK to keep finances separate in marriage?

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How to Be Fully Present

How can we be more present in this age of technology?

woman looking up to the sky

I’m Single. Is Jesus Enough?

In a sense, I think it’s wrong to give singles the impression that Jesus can satisfy the stab we feel when we look at someone else’s wedding photos.

How to Think About Yourself Less

In a self-obsessed culture, how do we think about ourselves less?

8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Faith This Year

When it comes to spiritual things, many of us are doing the right things for the wrong reasons — or doing nothing at all. Want this year to be different?

3 Reasons to Forgive

I recently had another opportunity to exercise forgiveness toward people in my life who have hurt me. As I’m walking through this new season, I’m reminded of three reasons to forgive.