Redeeming and Creating Culture

We all engage culture; we have no choice. The question is: “How will we engage culture?”

Hour by Hour: It’s Always Time to Pray

I was having enough trouble trying to have one “quiet time” each day and now I wanted to have five. Strangely, I’ve found five easier than one.


If my faith is to survive, my inner hypocrite must die.

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woman suffering abuse

Addressing Domestic Violence

I see the world discussing and acting upon the scourge of domestic violence, but it seems to me that the church has not yet risen to this challenge.

man on stage with microphone

The Difference Between Politics and Preaching

What would it look like if aspects of politics were injected into preaching and aspects of preaching into politics?

black and white chess

5 Reformed Villains Demonstrate Change Is Possible

Saul terrorized Christians despite their cries. I think he’d identify with these fictional characters who did great evil, but discovered change is possible.

the little red lighthouse

Let Your (Little) Light Shine

What happens when we put our lights together?


Christian Music Makes Me Cringe

I’ve got a confession: I can’t stand contemporary Christian music. It seems like we often let any song that says the name of Jesus pass as quality music.