The Gift of Restlessness

We’re longing for something new, something different. Is there a reason for our restlessness?

Why I Don’t Have to Make a Name for Myself

I’m made for something greater than fame and expanding my own influence.

Your Extraordinary Purpose in an Ordinary Life

If money and success isn’t your purpose, then what is? Why are you living your life the way you are?

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group holding speech bubbles

5 Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Don’t lose hope and never stop praying. You can’t change hearts, only God can do that. It’s your job to extend love and plant seeds of truth.

man shaking hands with older man

Stop Going to Church (But Don’t Stop Going to Church)

I’m not saying we should stop going to church. My warning is for people like me: the citizens of Bubbleville who may need to break out and meet new people.

“Evangelism”: A Dirty Word?

A few months ago, my pastor friend invited me to a 12-session Bible study on the topic of evangelism. “Thanks, but no thanks,” was what I wanted to say.

God’s Friend

God was addressing the very thing that was wrong with my heart. I was pandering to the world’s “friendship” at the expense of my relationship with God.

How Not to Sound Judgy

Misunderstandings of where our moral decisions come from happen all the time. Are there ways to model our convictions that can prevent these misconceptions?