Finding the Courage to Speak Up

As the church’s marginalization becomes greater, believers will need more and more courage to speak and live out biblical convictions.

How to Grow in God’s Word Today

Research indicates that you can experience drastic improvement in your spiritual life by merely reading the Bible more. Here are some practical ways to grow in consistently reading God’s Word.

How to Live an Out-of-Control Life

There’s nothing quite like plans gone awry or dreams unrealized to remind us that we aren’t ultimately in control — and we never have been.

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woman holding plant

8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Faith This Year

When it comes to spiritual things, many of us are doing the right things for the wrong reasons — or doing nothing at all. Want this year to be different?

Man getting ready to box

Stamping Out Cynicism

You can’t ignore cynicism and hope it stays away. You need to fight cynicism, or else you will become just another victim.

Person standing in front of split forest path

Where Does God Want Me This Year?

The future holds many unknowns. If you want to know God’s will for your life, read Scripture, pray about what you read, and ask God to guide you.

glass ball with upside-down reflection

An Upside-Down Kingdom

The kingdom of God is not of this world. So, when Jesus brings the kingdom of God to Earth, it looks like it’s upside-down.

"The Horse and His Boy"

Fiction Teaches Me How to Feel

Reading fiction has challenged me to think critically, to ask questions and to extend grace and mercy more and more.