From Despair to Dawn

There’s a place so lonely, so frightening, it’s closer to hope than you can imagine.

Loving Those Who Leave Christianity

My worry is that as Christians, we sometimes respond out of insecurity and anger, instead of love, to those who leave the faith.

Springtime of the Church

It’s about more than just a day; it’s about a season.

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smores arounnd fire pit

What I Learned at My Aunt’s Funeral

Never doubt that a simple act can change everything.

women sunrise

Practice Resurrection

Because of the resurrection, the One who paid my debts reversed the effects of the fall, and I can hope for and work toward the restoration of all creation.



Will God get us through this pandemic and resulting economic upheaval? Yes. Easter proves that He will. Because after Saturday comes Sunday.

Jesus on the cross

Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

What would our Savior, who’s seated in majesty at the right hand of God, know of our suffering? Everything.

stressed woman

When Life Wears You Down, Who Cares?

Whether you’re experiencing a season of loss or simply feeling a little worse for the wear, take some time to sit with Jesus and tell Him what you’re feeling.