Church-Avoiding Singles: It’s Time to Rally

Going to church by yourself can be exhausting and difficult, but it’s worth it.

Why Happiness Isn’t a Feeling

Why we need to understand it before we can find it.

Teach Me to Pray

Can we even begin to understand the mystery of conversing with the Almighty?

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nate saint

5 Questions With Jaime Saint, Grandson of Martyred Missionary Nate Saint

God chose to use our family to write a story that has been used to challenge people to give their lives to the Lord in service.

a week away

“A Week Away” Reminds Us of Everything We Love About Summer Camp

“A Week Away” seems to embrace the cringe factor 100 percent, which actually works to its advantage.

woman singing in church

The Answer to Your Church’s Problems

While the Bible encourages and even commands gathering together as believers, nowhere do we find that a perfect church is expected or even possible.

smores arounnd fire pit

What I Learned at My Aunt’s Funeral

Never doubt that a simple act can change everything.

women sunrise

Practice Resurrection

Because of the resurrection, the One who paid my debts reversed the effects of the fall, and I can hope for and work toward the restoration of all creation.