Matt Ehresman

Matt Ehresman works as the creative media director at First MB Church in Wichita, Kan. He loves using video, images, words and sounds to help people think about things that matter. He is a graduate of Sterling College and Regent University and an expert on all things Mountain Dew and superheroes. He is the proud husband of Tillie and occasionally frustrated owner of Jarvis (their mini Aussie).


Most Recent

Tidy Up From the Inside Out

A cluttered mind (and a cluttered house) is common. Many people don’t live with an overabundance of peace. But we can do better.

Stamping Out Cynicism

You can’t ignore cynicism and hope it stays away. You need to fight cynicism, or else you will become just another victim.

The Curse of Ambition

If you find yourself with zero motivation, you may need to start pushing yourself. But if you struggle to rest, force yourself to set some boundaries.

What We Can Learn From MoviePass

I heard a saying once: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Enter MoviePass, a company borrowing 5 million just to stay afloat.

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