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4 Tips for Surviving a Breakup

Unless you end up marrying the first person you date, you are going to go through this awful thing. Let me offer some post-breakup self-care advice.

God, Have You Forgotten Me?

I sometimes question if God’s love for me is sufficient or even present. Do you sometimes think you’ve been forgotten or overlooked by God?

I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

For women in the African American community, there is a standard of associating straight hair with beauty, but I wanted to embrace the hair God had given me

My Journey to a Healthier Me

Five months ago, I decided to get serious about eating healthier and exercising. I’ve been able to stick with it because of a change in mindset and a focus on developing healthy habits, rather than just following specific diets. Here are four helpful things I’ve learned along the way.

An Allegorical Tale of Trust

She was stunned when she first came across it — a beautiful, delicate, small flower. The Creator said it represented her heart.

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