Dani Fitzgerald

Dani Fitzgerald Brown

Dani Fitzgerald Brown is a small-town journalist living in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, a small city outside of Pittsburgh. She’s married to her best friend, Mike Brown, who can make her laugh no matter the circumstance. Dani often listens to audiobooks, drinks copious amounts of mint tea and is constantly munching on popcorn.

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I’m a Beggar, and You Are, Too

“We’re all beggars.” It’s a foundational truth we should be singing as our anthem. Because it’s what Jesus was all about.

Young, New and Full of Uncertainty

I gripped my red reporter’s notebook, anxiously waiting for Doug, a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter. He knows I’m young, I thought. He knows I’m a newbie.

I’m in an Interracial Relationship (Part 2)

It’s 2018, and my husband, Mike, and I are still stared at, laughed at and told we can’t take quality photos together because of the contrast of our skin tones because we’re an interracial couple. For some people in an interracial relationship or marri …

I’m in an Interracial Relationship (Part 1)

I’m in an interracial relationship. Mike is black and I’m white. I’ve always been attracted to men with darker skin, and Mike’s always been attracted to lighter-skinned women. We’re both incredibly blessed to have parents who supported our relationship …

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