Dani Fitzgerald

Dani Fitzgerald Brown

Dani Fitzgerald Brown is a small-town journalist living in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, a small city outside of Pittsburgh. She’s married to her best friend, Mike Brown, who can make her laugh no matter the circumstance. Dani often listens to audiobooks, drinks copious amounts of mint tea and is constantly munching on popcorn.

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Christian Music Makes Me Cringe

I’ve got a confession: I can’t stand contemporary Christian music. It seems like we often let any song that says the name of Jesus pass as quality music.

An Upside-Down Kingdom

The kingdom of God is not of this world. So, when Jesus brings the kingdom of God to Earth, it looks like it’s upside-down.

5 Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Don’t lose hope and never stop praying. You can’t change hearts, only God can do that. It’s your job to extend love and plant seeds of truth.

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