Candice Gage

Candice Gage is a freelance writer who wrestles daily with what it means to love God and love others well. Success for her means being the best sister, daughter, auntie and friend she can be. She enjoys long discussions over coffee, spoiling her Jack Russell terrier, Dolly, and watching fireflies from her hammock. As an amateur minimalist, she is trying to live more simply and fully every day. Her undergrad is in English, and she thinks the solution to most of life’s problems can be found in a book. She blogs at Incandescent Ink.

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When Your Date Is Divorced

Mar 19, 2018|Candice Gage

If you’re considering a relationship with someone who’s been divorced, it’s helpful to ask these five questions.

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Redefining Old Maid

Jan 22, 2018|Candice Gage

When singleness drags on, it can feel like you've been dealt a bad hand of cards. But marriage isn't a prerequisite for a meaningful, joy-filled life.

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Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Dec 14, 2015|Candice Gage

What does it mean to be a friend of sinners?

Who Can You Trust?

Oct 19, 2015|Candice Gage

Trust is the stuff we all long for — in our families, friendships and marriages. 

Mission: USA

Mission USA

May 25, 2015|Candice Gage

Is the United States a Christian nation or a nation in need of Christ?

A Love Story

A Love Story

Nov 18, 2013|Candice Gage

When I was a little girl, I asked God to write my love story. Instead, He has written me into something much greater.

Taking Sides

Taking Sides

Aug 12, 2013|Candice Gage

While conflict can be an opportunity to grow, we too often let our passions get the best of us.