Candice Gage

Candice Gage is a seminary student who wrestles daily with what it means to follow Jesus as a single woman in contemporary American culture. Her undergrad is in English, and she thinks the solution to most of life’s problems can be found in a book. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she has spent the last decade putting down roots in the Missouri Ozarks. 

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Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Dec 14, 2015|Candice Gage

What does it mean to be a friend of sinners?

Who Can You Trust?

Oct 19, 2015|Candice Gage

Trust is the stuff we all long for — in our families, friendships and marriages. 

Mission: USA

Mission USA

May 25, 2015|Candice Gage

Is the United States a Christian nation or a nation in need of Christ?

A Love Story

A Love Story

Nov 18, 2013|Candice Gage

When I was a little girl, I asked God to write my love story. Instead, He has written me into something much greater.

Taking Sides

Taking Sides

Aug 12, 2013|Candice Gage

While conflict can be an opportunity to grow, we too often let our passions get the best of us.