John Greco

John Greco is a writer living just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Laurin, and their two boys, Jonah and Jude. John has been a staff writer for In Touch Ministries, Crown Financial Ministries and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He is the author of Gospel Here and Now: Your Life in the Story of God (forthcoming), Manger King: Meditations on Christmas and the Gospel of Hope (2015), and Broken Vows: Divorce and the Goodness of God (2013). You can find John at

a shepherd with his sheep

Can I Trust That God Is Good?

Jun 11, 2018|John Greco

How knowing the Good Shepherd changes everything.

jesus laughing with children gathered around him

The Jesus We Need to Know

Sep 04, 2017|John Greco

If the point of the Gospels is to show us the heart of the Son of God, maybe it's time to take a closer look.

So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry

So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry

Jul 20, 2015|John Greco

Making disciples — whatever their marital status — happens when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

The Wide Road to Divorce

The Wide Road to Divorce

Oct 20, 2014|John Greco

What it'll take to divorce-proof your future marriage

A man holding a dollar bill

The Biggest Financial Mistake

Mar 10, 2014|John Greco

How to follow all the rules but miss what matters most

Christmas Changes Everything

Christmas Changes Everything

Dec 23, 2013|John Greco

Jesus didn't quite get engaged on Christmas, but He did begin the engagement process.

Upside-Down Leadership

Upside-Down Leadership

Jul 15, 2013|John Greco

Listen and learn what the Bible has to say about true kingdom greatness.

God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

Feb 27, 2013|John Greco

Is it possible that what we're really after is not God's will at all, but only His good gifts?

An American flag flapping in the wind

What Matters Most in Our Politics

Oct 11, 2012|John Greco

Our political system doesn't really speak of love; it's more akin to a battle.

Have We Missed the Gospel at Christmas?

Jan 01, 0001|John Greco

We run the risk of telling people that Christmas is about Jesus' birth but miss the chance to tell them why His birth matters.