Sarah E. Hinlicky

Sarah E. Hinlicky was born in St. Louis, but has spent most of her life in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. She graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College with a B.A. and departmental honors in Theology and Philosophy in 1998. Now she is a research assistant at the Institute on Religion and Public Life, which publishes the monthly journal First Things.

Three (More) Romantic Errors

May 29, 2002|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Ever pursue romance against the odds just because that seems, well, romantic? Take Sarah's advice: Don't.

Pay No Attention to That Face Behind the Makeup

Aug 30, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

For years I had just one face, the same in public and private. But not any more. Now I'm wearing makeup.

Teach Me to Pray

Teach Me to Pray

Mar 29, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Can we even begin to understand the mystery of conversing with the Almighty?

Heartbreak Therapy

Feb 08, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

The pain of breaking up kind of makes you long for something better.

Me and My Mammon

Feb 01, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

It was just a simple little Christmas gift. But it didn't stay simple for long.

Confession and Forgiveness

Jul 06, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Extreme grace can seem such a faraway concept. Until it happens to you.

My Surrogate Family

Jun 07, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Leaving your family behind to go to college can be traumatic. But the friendships you form go a long way to fill the gap.

Anatomy of a Grief

Apr 05, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

When a loved one dies suddenly, unjustly, it's tempting to blame God. But scorning the great comforter provides less relief than imagined.

Three Romantic Errors

Mar 23, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Ever feel like you'll never find Mr./Ms. Right? Hinlicky's advice might help.

Glossy Lies

Mar 21, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Women's magazines gave birth to feminism, right? So why do they look like guides to improving your sex techniques so a man will want to marry you?

Subversive Masculinity

Nov 04, 1999|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Subversive Virginity told us all about the power of female purity. Now it's the guys' turn. Sarah's at it again, stirring up controversy in all the right places.

Why Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Feb 11, 1999|Sarah E. Hinlicky

When romance goes sour, the healing can take a while. Even for a guy.

Subversive Virginity

Oct 08, 1998|Sarah E. Hinlicky

In a culture of easy access, virginity is where real sexual power lies.