Michelle Plett

Michelle Plett

Michelle Plett is a writer, communicator and adventurer. She's is happiest when surrounded by her friends and family and good coffee. She's lived in London, England and Stockholm, Sweden, and wherever adventure takes her next must have good coffee and snow. Her favourite city is Paris, where she's been over 25 times and dreams of the day she'll go back there with the love her life. Aside from writing, she goes to crazy gym classes, and she loves Snapchat and poutine (you can't take the Canadian out of her). For more of Michelle's writing, check out her website.

girl at picnic bench daydreaming with pen and paper

Dear Future Husband

Sep 11, 2017|Michelle Plett

Writing to a man I don't yet know taught me more than I expected about life, love and faith.

couch and end table with one book and simple vase

Maximizing Minimalism

May 22, 2017|Michelle Plett

How to become a minimalist without creating an idol out of “nothing.”

pearl on rocks

How to Live an Uncomfortable Life

Feb 20, 2017|Michelle Plett

I kept finding myself in uncomfortable situations. Then I realized there might be a purpose behind it.

A broken Christmas tree cookie.

Broken Christmas

Dec 19, 2016|Michelle Plett

Getting through a rough holiday season can be a challenge, but creating new traditions can provide some comfort and joy.

worship service

The Year I Learned to Worship

Apr 04, 2016|Michelle Plett

That night I decided that if I was going to worship, I would do it with all my heart.