Scott Stanley

Scott Stanley, Ph.D. is co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies and a research professor of psychology at the University of Denver. He has authored numerous research articles on relationships and is an expert on marital commitment. Scott co-authored the book A Lasting Promise: The Christian Guide to Fighting for Your Marriage and authored the book The Power of Commitment. Additionally, he regularly contributes to print and broadcast media as an expert on marriage.

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Men aren't able to commit? "Marriage research rock star" Scott Stanley challenges that assertion.

Myths About Divorce

Apr 14, 2010|Scott Stanley

Though young adults are statistically more likely to repeat their parents' mistakes, they are not doomed to do so.  

Myths About Living Together

Jul 07, 2009|Scott Stanley

Living together before marriage seems like a great way to test your relationship. But what you're really doing is limiting your options.

A couple standing on a hill

Myths About Soul Mates

Jun 04, 2009|Scott Stanley

Believing The One is out there, waiting to complete you inevitably leads to discontentment and probably divorce.

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush

Aug 30, 2007|Scott Stanley

How do we know when marrying someone is God's will?

Mentor Series: The Boiling Pot

Aug 16, 2007|Scott Stanley

Not sure what you've got cooking in your relationship? Bring down the heat.