Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss is the founder and president of The Brushfires Foundation, a Christian ministry dedicated to sparking a sexual counter-revolution grounded in the Trinity. Realizing that sexuality and spirituality are intimately connected, Daniel hopes to renew the Christian vision of the whole person and help people apply this vision to their daily lives. Daniel lives with his wife and four children in the Midwest.

Every Man a Father

Every Man a Father

Sep 30, 2013|Daniel Weiss

Why spiritual maturity requires even single men to develop the heart of a father

The Heart of Purity

The Heart of Purity

Apr 08, 2013|Daniel Weiss

There is a path forward for those who have been sexually active, and it takes us through the very heart of the Gospel.

Lost Boys in a Shadow World

Lost Boys in the Shadow World

Feb 20, 2013|Daniel Weiss

The path to purity requires finding the real among the counterfeits. Here's help for being set free from pornography.

The 3:10 Principle

The 3:10 Principle

Nov 26, 2012|Daniel Weiss

When you think about giving, are you thinking about God's pledge of blessing or grumbling about your ever-decreasing wallet?

Sex Series

Sex Series: Sexy Single Men

Aug 01, 2012|Daniel Weiss

A man's sexuality is a lot like a spring. It seems to be always on and often has no real direction. Here's how to channel it toward life-giving pursuits.