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We don't typically publish unsolicited articles, but we are always open to considering new writers. If you think you've got what it takes to have your work published on Boundless, please feel free to send us a sample or two of your writing, a link to your blog, and a proposal of what you're interested in writing about.

Please review our Author Guidelines before emailing us.

As we noted in the section above this one, we regret that we're unable to personally respond to every email that we receive.

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Are you a Boundless fan and a writer? Do you have something to say to other 20- and 30-somethings? Then listen up! We feature guest bloggers each Friday and are always looking for new writers.

 Boundless has readers all around the world, in big cities and small, at home and on their own, in school and out of school, employed and unemployed, male and female, dating and have never had a date — you get the idea. We want to tap into all those great experiences and perspectives to expand the variety of posts we publish.

So how can your post be considered? Here’s what to do:

  1. Read our Author Guidelines. While some of the information in this PDF is for writing full-length Boundless articles and does not apply to writing a blog post, please pay special attention to the items shown under Characteristics/Style. Following these guidelines will boost your chances of your post being selected.
  2. Blog posts should be original, 500-800 words and fall within one of our three content categories: Faith, Adulthood and Relationships.
  3. Email your full manuscript with a suggested title to editor@boundless.org. Please also include a one-sentence bio and head shot.
  4. After you submit your full manuscript, we will evaluate it. This evaluation may or may not result in our wishing to publish your submission. If we do, we will send you an agreement for your review and signature. Authors must be at least 18 years old.

By submitting your manuscript, you acknowledge that Boundless may already have content in production that could be similar to your submission; in such event, you release Boundless and Focus on the Family from any liability for its use of this similar content. Further, you acknowledge and agree that any Focus-owned characters, settings, properties, or plots that you might incorporate in this submission belong to Focus, and all intellectual property rights to this Focus content are owned and controlled entirely by Focus.