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Evangelicals for Life: Episode 467

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Question to discuss:

How can you speak for the voiceless in your own spheres of influence? Which aspect of the pro-life ethic are you most passionate about, and which would you like to understand more?

Roundtable: Pro-Life and the Big Picture

Many people hear “pro-life” and immediately think “anti-abortion.” That’s not wrong, but it’s not the whole story. Life at all ages, stages and circumstances is ordained and blessed by God; this means that the unborn as well as the orphan, the elderly, the refugee, the person with special needs—every person on earth has dignity and value, and is worth fighting for.


Convicted by “Silence”

Most self-help books are about as insightful as the latest Buzzfeed quiz. They’re not even full of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”; they skip to the last bit: nothing. That may be my own pride speaking, of thinking I’m “above” self-help books, but it’s a gut reaction I can’t seem to shake each time I break down and check out the latest bestsellers in the category.

I’ve often found that novels and movies can be much more inspiring and insightful than books and videos which try so hard to tell me things I’ve heard before.

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Science and Eternity: Episode 463

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Question to discuss:

Do you ever fear that technology will go too far in our lifetime? What are the implications of advances in science and tech when they conflict with biblical morality and the imago dei?

Roundtable: Can Science Save Us?

Some people believe that in the very near future, science will get us to the point of invincibility, even immortality. Even sooner than that, technology will enable us to mechanize human processes, engineer and manipulate life, and substitute facts for feelings.


Your Artistic Passion Has Purpose

Art is only a tiny line item in most church budgets, but what if it were recognized as one of the most powerful forces working for or against the kingdom?

Do you knit? Do you dabble with the guitar? Do you have aspirations to make movies or write books?

If you consider yourself artistic in any way, I want you to know your passions have a purpose. But even if you’re not artistic, I encourage you to live your life like it were art.

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Elevate Oppressed Voices, but Not More Than Truth

When I was younger, I spoke my opinions as if they were facts, and because I had low emotional intelligence I wasn’t aware I was doing this. This made it harder for others around me to disagree, especially since I tended to speak first and loudest. I didn’t know how to be gentle, and I was much more quick to speak than I was to listen.

Gradually I began to understand this dynamic is present in all human systems, from one-on-one conversations to entire societies and traditions of thought.

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Presidential Peace: Episode 458

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Question to Discuss: After such a contentious election season, how do we pick up the pieces and begin to move forward — in unity?

Roundtable: Trusting God for Your Nation’s Future

It feels like we’ve been through a war in America. In one of the weirdest, meanest and most contested national elections in history, decisions have now been made that will shape the United States’ future. Whether or not your candidate won, God knew the outcome from the beginning.

A scene from the movie Hacksaw Ridge

The Danger of Christian Films Seen in Hacksaw Ridge

Christians crave the Hollywoodization of our faith. We pine for accurate depictions of Christians in film and television, and we petition for Christian movies in theaters. As a Christian film critic, many assume I enjoy most of the faith-based movies that are being produced in response to this desire, but just like most critics, I don’t.

The tendency for Christians to throw their weight behind entertainment helped pave the way for independent, church-backed films like Courageous and War Room, faith-friendly sports fare like The Blind Side and Woodlawn, and inspirational movies like God’s Not Dead. 

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4 Fictional Females I’m Thankful For

We’ve all been there: You put down a book (or wrap up another episode of that show you’ve been binging), and you sit back and think, I wish they were real.

It happens to me — a lot. (And no, it’s not just the Mr. Darcy characters I try to imagine into reality.) I’ve encountered so many wonderful women in fictional worlds, women who — in their flaws and triumphs and quirks — model determination, passion and a zeal for life.

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Is “Follow Your Dreams” the Best Advice?

“Follow your dreams.”

These words seem to chase Millennials around, and we embrace them by attempting to do what we’re passionate about. It’s a very different attitude compared to my parents’ generation, a group of people who worked wherever they could because they had to, prioritizing family and self-sacrifice over their dreams.

Our parents see opportunities for us they never had, and there’s nothing wrong with giving kids a bit more freedom of choice. During my childhood, my dad worked as a jail guard.

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We Create Our Memories, but What Do They Say About Us?

Memory is a tricky thing. It can change how we view our history, both individually and collectively. And memory only survives through storytelling, jumbled up words and events that are strung out in sequences. In sharing a story, we continually bring life to previous events, reinventing them with each retelling.

This tendency toward storytelling is especially noticeable in us writers. We tend to think in terms of narrative; we live and breathe it. We process the world and think about our lives as if we’re telling a tale.