How Firm a Foundation: Episode 166

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How Firm a Foundation: Episode 166

Mar 31, 2011
Guests: Alex McFarland, Chris Leland, Thomas Voss, Doug Tharp and Aaron Stern

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A discussion of young adults in the church today, plus concerns about Rob Bell's Love Wins and a question regarding defending your faith on campus.


Hip or Hype

Guests: Thomas Voss, Aaron Stern and Doug Tharp

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Going to church today can be a patchwork of experiences. Style of worship, doctrinal shadings, podcasting preachers, smoke machines and pipe organs — all of these can provide either a springboard for wonderfully fresh and unique church opportunities or a maddening array of difficult choices. A megachurch pastor, traditional/Reformed pastor and reluctant hipster weigh in this week on young adults and church. Where and how are young adults worshipping these days, and what are some of the challenges facing ministry to our generation?

Love Wins (But Only When Truth Does Too)

Guests: Alex McFarland

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It's burning up, and everyone seems to be talking about it. It's Rob Bell's just-released book, Love Wins. But pastors like Dr. Al Mohler, Kevin DeYoung, David Platt and others are voicing concerns. Some are calling it blasphemy. What's the deal? Christian apologist and seminary-president-turned-radio-host Alex McFarland joins me to break down the book's assertions, determine what's wrong with Bell's claims, and decipher what this means for the church and the world.

Apologetics and Academics

Guests: Chris Leland

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She's in graduate school, but is a bit nervous that her (in)ability to articulate her faith claims may cause problems in the classroom. Can she really defend what she believes? Is she even sure she knows what she believes? The Focus Leadership Institute's Dr. Chris Leland knows academia and gives our listener practical strategies for bringing her faith on campus.