Wedding Pep (and Prep) Talk: Episode 165

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Wedding Pep (and Prep) Talk: Episode 165

Mar 24, 2011
Guests: Mike Halsmith, Andrew Hess, Doug Tharp and Katie Porter

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Make your wedding ceremony meaningful but not distracting, plus pre-wedding straight talk for guys and a question on opposite-sex roommates.


Ceremony Dos and Don'ts

Guests: Doug Tharp, Mike Halsmith, Andrew Hess and Katie Porter

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Remember when I opened the dancing-down-the-aisle can of worms? That long-ago conversation got me thinking about wedding ceremonies. Can they be both worshipful and meaningful? Are there traditions or trends that are up for debate when it comes to a wedding? Listen to this week's roundtable as we talk to two pastors, a just-married guy and a bride-to-be about what should and perhaps shouldn't be included in your "I dos."

Be a Smart Groom

Guests: James Groesbeck and Danny Huerta

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A bride gets all kinds of advice before a wedding, but what about the groom? Is he supposed to muddle through the wedding prep, ceremony and (yikes!) first year of marriage? "No way," say Focus counselors Danny Huerta and James Groesbeck. They join me for a frank discussion based on The Smart Groom's Answer Guide of what guys need to know as they prepare to tie the knot.

Her Roommate Is a Guy

Guests: Candice Watters

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Her girlfriend has a male roommate. They're not dating, just sharing the bills. Is this OK, or should our listener speak up? Candice is here with some thoughts on platonic cohabitation plus an interesting rabbit trail on living with an unbelieving roommate that may stir up some discussion.