Lovin' Life: Episode 207

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Lovin' Life: Episode 207

Jan 19, 2012
Guests: Candice Watters and Leah Cangelose

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The latest pro-life news, plus one woman's abortion story, and a question about relationship doubts and second thoughts. Featured musical artist: The Sonflowerz


A Sanctity Update

Guests: Dawn McBane and Carrie Earll

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There's a lot going on in the world of sanctity efforts and causes; are you up to speed? How can life be honored in 1:1 relationships? What's the latest news on sanctity and human dignity issues in the public square? Rising Voice's Dawn McBane and CitizenLink's Carrie Earll are here to break down the latest news on everything from abortion to human trafficking to elder care, so get ready to move from overwhelmed to empowered as we celebrate life and the God who grants it.

Beauty From Ashes

Guests: Leah Cangelose

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Leah Cangelose had two unplanned pregnancies, one with a high school boyfriend and one a result of rape. Each pregnancy left Leah with a choice. For Leah, one choice resulted in a son while the other choice ended in abortion. Reeling from feelings of worthlessness and shame, Leah continued a downward spiral of partying, drugs and unhealthy relationships. Only after a fresh encounter with Christ did she find the acceptance and forgiveness she longed for. Leah shares her story with us here and offers hope to those who think God's grace doesn't reach far enough to touch their story.

Second Thoughts

Guests: Candice Watters

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After dating almost a year, she's having doubts. Is he really the one she's supposed to marry? How will she know? Candice enters the fray to make sure our listener is not only getting the right answers, but that she's asking the right questions.