Choosing a Church: Episode 291

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Choosing a Church: Episode 291

Aug 29, 2013
Guests: Lindsay Driscoll, Erica Pridey, Brandon Wilson, Mark Dever and Candice Watters

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Getting into the life of a local church, plus Mark Dever outlines the hallmarks of a healthy church, and should you switch churches to find more singles?

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It's Time to Pick a Pew

Guests: Lindsay Driscoll, Erica Pridey and Brandon Wilson

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People say young adults are leaving the church in droves. It's time to prove them wrong by picking a Gospel-centered church in your community and sticking with it. Our panelists share their journeys of doing just that, complete with ups, downs and hidden discoveries which convinced them that in the midst of a messy body of believers is exactly where they should be.

Church Shopping List

Guests: Mark Dever

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If we've got good Christian friends and an arsenal of online sermons, does it really matter if we're showing up to a church building each Sunday? Pastor Mark Dever, founder of 9Marks and pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, says it's practically imperative. Not only that, he says not any old church will do. He tells us exactly what to look for in a church, how to know when to leave, and what we should expect to see and feel while we're there.

The Singles Search

Guests: Candice Watters

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If you go to a good church but it's low on single young adults, should you be looking elsewhere? What if you're trying to get married, but you don't have a pool of eligible candidates? Candice Watters weighs in as no one else can.