Get Real: Episode 296

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Get Real: Episode 296

Oct 03, 2013
Guests: Ivette Diaz, Danny Huerta, Brandon Wilson, Ruthie Dean and Christina Browning

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How to open up without letting it all hang out, plus why real men don’t text, and a question about being friendly without becoming a “friendgirl.”

Featured musical artist: Derek Webb


Appropriately Vulnerable

Guests: Ivette Diaz, Danny Huerta and Brandon Wilson

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If you grew up being told that emotions are bad, you may be frustrated when you're asked to share your heart, especially if what you're feeling isn't all sunshine and roses. How can you share emotions in an appropriate way? How does this apply in friendship, small groups, Bible studies and beyond? How do you know when to go deep and when to hold back? Our panel has some ideas.

Do U Want 2 D8 Me?

Guests: Ruthie Dean

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It used to be that if you wanted to ask a girl out, you walked up to her door with a bouquet of flowers. When telephones began to grace every home, a simple phone call became acceptable. But in today's culture, it seems that anything goes. Even texting has become the norm for starting, ending and sustaining relationships — or worse — non-relationships. Ruthie Dean, coauthor (with her husband, Michael) of the new book Real Men Don't Text, thinks that our standards have sunk too low, and it's time to reclaim them.

Balancing Act

Guests: Christina Browning

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If most of your peers hang out in groups, is it OK to join in? How can you balance between being too available and too standoffish in a crowd where seemingly no one is singled out? Will this help or hinder your path to something deeper, if that's what you want? Counselor Christina Browning comments.