Sticks and Stones: Episode 277

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Sticks and Stones: Episode 277

May 23, 2013
Guests: Roy Baldwin, Erin Berriman, Jake Roberson, Ray Vander Laan and Geremy Keeton

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The effects of childhood bullying, plus Ray Vander Laan on discipleship, and a question about engaging the LGBT community.

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Were You Bullied?

Guests: Roy Baldwin, Erin Berriman and Jake Roberson

[26:08] - 

For those who were bullied as kids, we know that the effects go far beyond childhood. This week’s guests share the way the lies they heard impacted their identities and relationships, and how God continues to heal them as they trust Him daily.

Follow the Rabbi

Guests: Ray Vander Laan

[25:04] - 

If you’ve ever seen one of Focus on the Family’s That the World May Know videos, you know that host Ray Vander Laan has a way of making the Bible come alive. What has he learned about discipleship from walking in the footsteps of Jesus?  What site in the Holy Land holds the most personal meaning to him? What does he think today’s Christians just don’t get about the Bible? Get the answers in this week’s interview.

Love Your LGBT Neighbor

Guests: Geremy Keeton

[7:17] - 

It’s hard enough to love those who share our views and principles. But what about those who disagree? What about our homosexual neighbors and friends? How do we love the LGBT community while standing firm on biblical truth about the subject? Counselor Geremy Keeton offers insight.