Cut the Clutter: Episode 342

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Cut the Clutter: Episode 342

Aug 21, 2014
Guests: Andrew Hess, Evelyn Rennich and Joshua Becker

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A Christian worldview of possessions, plus Joshua Becker on biblical minimalism, and should you consider your future spouse when purchasing a home?

Featured musical artist: Lindsay McCaul

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Do Your Possessions Own You?

Guests: Andrew Hess and Evelyn Rennich

[24:57] - 

We complain about having too little time, energy, capacity and focus. Could the problem lie in our possessions? Is the stuff we own sucking the life out of us to the point where we are compromising relationships, ministry, rest — even our own walk with God? Our panel (Anthony, Andrew and Evelyn) breaks down a biblical worldview of possessions and what we can do to start taking back our lives from the monster of consumerism.

A Minimalist Manifesto

Guests: Joshua Becker

[21:00] - 

Joshua Becker decided a few years ago that things were ruling both his life and those of his family. He wanted change. His family proceeded to purge 70 percent of their possessions and start living a minimalist lifestyle. The results have been astounding. With fewer things to buy, clean, fix and store, Joshua is freed up to live the life he's always wanted to live. He shares his secrets in Simplify as well as this interview.

Space for a Spouse


[5:20] - 

To rent or buy a home is a decision most of us must make. But as a single, are there additional considerations at stake? What about the possibility of a future spouse? Should your living space decision reflect the potential to tie the knot in the near (or whenever) future? Lisa Anderson weighs in.