Good Work: Episode 317

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Good Work: Episode 317

Feb 27, 2014
Guests: Luke Flowers, Grace Lorraine, Becca Payne, Carolyn McCulley and James Groesbeck

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Working with integrity and excellence, plus Carolyn McCulley on women in the workplace, and a question about a Christian response to astrology.

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Glorifying God on the Job

Guests: Luke Flowers, Grace Lorraine and Becca Payne

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Work is a way of earning a paycheck. But it's so much more. Through our work, we tend to creation; use our God-given talents; bring order, innovation and creativity; and glorify God. Of course it's hard to see this sometimes as work can often seem more drudgery than divine calling. How can we glorify God through our work, bringing purpose, fulfillment — even eternal impact? Our panel of worker bees weighs in.

Women's Work

Guests: Carolyn McCulley

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Right up there with religion and politics, "working women" seems to be a subject on which people take sides. In recent generations, women in the public workforce has become the norm, but how and why women work has been of central importance since Eve in the garden. Carolyn McCulley addresses the unique hallmarks of working women in her book The Measure of Success; we then ask her to apply her wisdom to the ladies in our audience as she comments on single working women, young working women, driven and successful women, and more.

What's Your Sign?

Guests: James Groesbeck

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The use of astrology is everywhere from Facebook to the local newspaper. But when a fellow Christian wants to know your sign, how should you respond? Is talking horoscopes and astrology that big of a deal? Counselor Jim Groesbeck offers advice.