Shackled by Student Loans: Episode 335

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Shackled by Student Loans: Episode 335

Jul 03, 2014
Guests: Erin Blad, Brandon Wilson, Karissa Woods, Jordan Jeffers and Candice Watters

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Graduating from the burden of school debt, plus the guy behind Matthew West’s identity-affirming anthem, and a listener’s ex won’t let her go.

Featured musical artist: Hillsong United

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Kicking College Debt

Guests: Erin Blad, Brandon Wilson and Karissa Woods

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For some young adults, post-college debt is a ball and chain they fear they'll never be able to shake. With education costs soaring and entry-level jobs becoming scarcer, the debt to income ratio may appear unmanageable. The young adults on our panel are living with school debt, and have strategies that will help you face your own debt with a sense of purpose and victory. They even have a few ideas for staying out of debt (or nearly so) in the first place.

Hello, My Name Is...

Guests: Jordan Jeffers

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He was a good kid. Until he became a drug addict, that is. Through the love of his parents and the help of Teen Challenge, Jordan Jeffers got back on track, but not without a lot of pain, heartache and destruction in his wake. His past threatened to label him — until he realized he had a bigger identity. His story inspired Matthew West's smash hit "Hello, My Name Is"; more importantly, it will inspire you to trust in a God who loves you and is in the business of redeeming brokenness — even yours.

Time for a Restraining Order?

Guests: Candice Watters

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They broke up eight months ago, but he can't let her go. He's showing up at her place and using Scripture to shame her back into a relationship with him. Is it time to get a restraining order? Is that even an option for a Christian? Candice Watters weighs in.