Under Construction: Episode 338

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Under Construction: Episode 338

Jul 24, 2014
Guests: Nikki Bertolino, Jenny Goff, Darren Terpstra, Rob Bentz and Christina Browning

[48:50] - 

Encouraging each other in tough times, plus Rob Bentz on the value of a messy church, and a listener wants to ditch her successful career.

Featured musical artist: Audio Adrenaline

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Bearing Burdens

Guests: Nikki Bertolino, Jenny Goff and Darren Terpstra

[20:08] - 

We all go through difficult seasons. What does it mean to be a friend to someone who's struggling? Is there a "right" way to encourage one another? What if the person is especially depressed, or even toxic in their attitudes and actions? Our panel discusses.

The Church Without a Roof

Guests: Rob Bentz

[20:49] - 

The church is Christ's bride, but it's also a work in progress. What is the role of the church in our lives, and how can we value it, nurture it, and understand God's plan for it despite its imperfections? Pastor Rob Bentz loves the church in all its messiness, and both here and in his book The Unfinished Church, casts a vision for how God's using the church in the world as well as in our individual lives.

Dumping My Job

Guests: Christina Browning

[6:41] - 

She did extensive schooling and is now in a settled and lucrative career. But she wants out. Is there room for her to leave it all without disappointing her family and perhaps making a huge mistake? Counselor Christina Browning advises.