Dude, Let's Be Friends: Episode 378

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Dude, Let's Be Friends: Episode 378

Apr 30, 2015
Guests: Kyle Adams, Jeremiah Bakk, Robb Erickson, Jonathan Catherman and Harry Pearson

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How men can build meaningful friendships, plus Jonathan Catherman on the making of men, and is it OK to make a girl your Plan B?

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Men and Friendship

Guests: Kyle Adams, Jeremiah Bakk and Robb Erickson

[19:54] - 

Guys need friends, too. But men tend to build friendships differently than women do, and going deep in them can often be a challenge. What works and what doesn't? How do you know if you're being a good friend, and how as a man can you cultivate friendships that go the distance? Three guys share their insight.

The Manual to Manhood

Guests: Jonathan Catherman

[20:42] - 

Guys like to have skills and accomplish things. But many guys didn't grow up with fathers and grandfathers to show them the ins and outs of being a man. Even the simplest of "guy tasks" like tying a tie or grilling a steak weren't modeled. And when it comes to leadership, character and relating to women, many men feel even more ill-equipped. Don't worry: Jonathan Catherman, author of The Manual to Manhood and a mentor to men, opens the discussion on what it means to be a man and how to cultivate a mindset that inspires courage and conviction.

Backup Girl

Guests: Harry Pearson

[5:26] - 

He wants to start a relationship, and has two potential candidates. Is it wrong for him to pursue one while keeping the other as his Plan B? Counselor Harry Pearson offers advice.