God's Not Surprised: Episode 382

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God's Not Surprised: Episode 382

May 28, 2015
Guests: Micah Sage, Tiffany Sage, Os Guinness and Deanna McClannahan

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Bringing a broken past full circle, plus Os Guinness on having the courage to doubt, and a listener wonders if her introversion is off-putting.

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The God of Broken Roads

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Micah Sage and Tiffany Sage

[32:11] - 

Mistakes from our past can come back to haunt us. But while it's true that we often face consequences for our sin, the bigger and better news is that for Christians, we have a God who forgives and redeems. Micah and Tiffany Sage know this well, and they join us to share how God took their broken road and is shaping it into a journey of grace.

Not Afraid to Doubt

Guests: Os Guinness

[21:39] - 

We often see doubt as a sign of weakness. But cultural analyst Os Guinness sees it as an opportunity, even for Christians. How do we explain the intersection of doubt and faith? And is it possible to fully trust God when we don't have all the answers? This author of God in the Dark helps us separate fact from fear.


Am I Unapproachable?

Guests: Deanna McClannahan

[4:58] - 

Our listener isn't really a people-person, and she wonders if that's keeping her from meaningful relationships — especially dating relationships. Counselor Deanna McClannahan offers encouragement.