Indebted: Episode 401

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Indebted: Episode 401

Oct 08, 2015
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Treshia Kuiper, Brandon Wilson, Alex Chediak and Jackson Dunn

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True stories of tackling student debt, plus Alex Chediak talks college loan strategies, and a listener thinks her boyfriend has too many female friends.

Featured musical artist: The Neverclaim

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Freedom From Student Loans

Guests: Laura Gearhart, Treshia Kuiper and Brandon Wilson

[20:17] - 

Did you make wise choices in financing your education? Did you emerge after four (or five or six) years with little to no college debt? Or post-college, are you in pain as the result of monthly payments that perhaps you weren't prepared for? Our panel has walked through the fire of college debt and survived, albeit not without scars. Listen in as these "been there, done that" young adults encourage you with the dos and don'ts of paying for your degree.

Avoiding College Debt Traps

Guests: Alex Chediak

[23:06] - 

Whether you're anticipating college, in college, or post-college, chances are funding your education is top of mind. Maybe you have a strategy; maybe you don't. With a college degree more sought after than ever — and higher education more expensive than ever — getting a diploma without going broke seems increasingly impossible. Is there a way to do it? What are the insider strategies for avoiding debt altogether, or at least paying off debt after the fact? Alex Chediak, author of Beating the College Debt Trap, shares a practical, step-by-step plan for making it happen.

My Boyfriend's Gal Pals

Guests: Jackson Dunn

[5:24] - 

Our listener thinks her boyfriend has too many female friends. Does he? What purpose do they serve? Does his girlfriend have a right to share her opinion on the subject, or even demand change? Relationship expert Jackson Dunn weighs in.