Laugh or Cry: Episode 411

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Laugh or Cry: Episode 411

Dec 17, 2015
Guests: Justin Charland, Eva Daniel, Dakota Sandras, Tim Hawkins and Glenn Lutjens

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Stemming the tide of cynicism, plus seeing the world through Tim Hawkins' eyes, and advice for those with second thoughts about ending a relationship.

Featured Musical Guests: Greg Sykes & Dustin Smith

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A Cure for Cynicism

Guests: Justin Charland, Eva Daniel and Dakota Sandras

[21:07] - 

"The end is near." "The world can't possibly go on like this forever." "I'm a cynic; you're a cynic; we're all cynics." Truth? Not according to this week's roundtable. Our panel tackles ways to fight against the strong tide of cynicism, and helps you reset your attitude moving forward.

The Parody Guy

Guests: Tim Hawkins

[21:04] - 

Our favorite parody guy and comedian, Tim Hawkins. You know him. You love him. Host Lisa Anderson gives Tim a run for his money when they get together for this interview. Did you know that parodists (real word) can also write books? Tim's is titled Diary of a Jackwagon (real word — to Tim, anyway).

Second Thoughts

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[4:56] - 

You're dating a great guy or gal, but for various reasons, you cut off the relationship. That's all well and good until you start having second thoughts. What do you do now? Focus on the Family counselor Glenn Lutjens offers some great advice.