Right Here, Right Now: Episode 409

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Right Here, Right Now: Episode 409

Dec 03, 2015
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, JB Lewis, Deanna McClannahan, Jefferson Bethke and Joshua Rogers

[47:08] - 

Taking the scary out of relationships, plus Jefferson Bethke on restoring a broken world, and Joshua Rogers helps a "prowling" single guy tone it down.

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Fear Not

Guests: Erin Eberspacher, JB Lewis and Deanna McClannahan

[21:46] - 

What could be scary about opening yourself up to another human being with the possibility of marrying that person down the road? Pursuing a relationship with someone should put the fear of God into you, but in a good way. This week's roundtable explores why you might be fearful of being in a relationship, especially if you haven't had one before — but also offers encouragement for moving into relationship territory with confidence.

More to This Life

Guests: Jefferson Bethke

[17:48] - 

What if Jesus came not to help people escape the world, but rather to restore it? That's a potentially game-changing thought to someone brought up believing that going to heaven is the main point of Christianity. Jefferson Bethke, author of It's Not What You Think, blows up the idea of biding our time on earth while waiting for heaven, and shows us a better way of approaching our precious years of living — right here, right now.

On the Prowl

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:03] - 

Our listener is involved in a singles community where intentional dating is encouraged. There's only one problem — he has a reputation of being a bit too intentional, and is actually known as someone who is "on the prowl." Boundless blogger Joshua Rogers offers some advice to help him (and maybe you) tone it down.