Sampling, Sex and Strength: Episode 410

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Sampling, Sex and Strength: Episode 410

Dec 10, 2015
Guests: Serena Balenti, Erin Chapman, JB Lewis, Mindy Meier and Deanna McClannahan

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Sampling churches but not committing, plus the 411 on sex from Mindy Meier, and counsel for a strong personality type searching for love.

Featured Musical Guest: Paul Baloche

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I'm a Sampler

Guests: Serena Balenti, Erin Chapman and JB Lewis

[20:40] - 

Sampling things can be good, especially when offered a tasty morsel at the supermarket. But there comes a point when sampling things, such as churches, crosses the line into fear of commitment. This week's roundtable helps you decide when to commit to that great church you've been visiting (and sampling) for far too long.

It Starts with "S"

Guests: Mindy Meier

[20:56] - 

Sex: our favorite "S" word. There are certain questions swirling around in your mind that you've been dying to ask. Mindy Meier, author of Sex and Dating and longtime InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus expert is game to answer any and all questions posed by Lisa Anderson — even the awkward ones.

Am I Too Strong?

Guests: Deanna McClannahan

[4:46] - 

If you were a cup of coffee, would you consider yourself strong, medium or light blend? One of our listeners wonders if her strongly blended personality might be keeping her from finding love. Focus on the Family counselor Deanna McClannahan weighs in on her dilemma.