The Doctor Is In: Episode 402

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The Doctor Is In: Episode 402

Oct 15, 2015
Guests: Steve Brown, Don Nelson , Paul Reisser and Brad Lomenick

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Become your body’s best health advocate, plus Brad Lomenick on the three “H” terms of leadership, and a listener’s girlfriend won’t give up her cats.

Featured musical artist: Jimmy Needham

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Take Charge of Your Health

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Steve Brown, Don Nelson and Paul Reisser

[22:18] - 

Whether you're fit as a fiddle or struggling with ongoing health challenges, your number-one health advocate is you. But the world of doctors and medical offices can be intimidating and frustrating. This week's roundtable invites the doctors themselves to explain the ins and outs of navigating your doctor's office with ease. What is a wellness exam? What should you expect from your doc on a regular basis? What questions should you ask? What are the best ways to stay healthy in between visits? Settle in for the inside scoop from the experts who make it happen.

Lead From Within

Guests: Brad Lomenick

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You may think that being a leader requires a bunch of training, degrees and credentials. Or maybe you need to be a CEO or manage a bunch of people. Not the case, says Brad Lomenick, former president of Catalyst and author of H3 Leadership. Brad says that great leaders are three things: humble, hungry, and willing to hustle. Do you incorporate these traits into your pursuit of excellence at work and beyond? Are you cultivating character in the actions and decisions you make? Listen as Brad breaks down how to practically apply principles that are available to every aspiring leader.

Love Me, Love My Cats

Guests: Paul Reisser

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He's allergic to cats, but his girlfriend says she and her cats are a package deal. He's taking allergy shots to compensate. Is this OK? Is there room for give and take here? What are the medical and relational implications of drawing the line on this one? Paul Reisser, M.D. weighs in.