The Drop Box: Episode 369

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The Drop Box: Episode 369

Feb 26, 2015
Guests: David Davis, Doug Hammerstrom, Treshia Kuiper and Brian Ivie

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A Christian worldview of disabilities, plus how Brian Ivie’s film led him to Jesus, and dating advice for those who travel for work.

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God's Heart for People With Disabilities

Guests: David Davis, Doug Hammerstrom and Treshia Kuiper

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When we think of the sanctity of human life, we tend to think of unborn babies. But what about those in our midst who have physical or mental limitations? We know God cares about them, but do we? How can we practically fight for and affirm life for those with disabilities? How do we respond to the ethical questions related to quality and end of life decisions? Our panel members are living these realities, and offer a robust discussion on the topic.

A Filmmaker Finds God

Guests: Brian Ivie

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His end goal was the Sundance Film Festival. And money. And fame. His ticket there was the story of a Korean pastor and his "baby box" — a story that was documentary gold. But then something happened in the process. What began as a creative journey turned into a spiritual one as Brian Ivie found God through the telling of The Drop Box, in theaters March 3-5, 2015. This is his story.

On the Road Again


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It's hard to date well when you can't stay in one place. For those who travel a lot for work, this is an all-too-common reality. So what's a guy or girl to do? How do you have any consistency in pursuit — or how do you find someone — when you're on the road again? Lisa Anderson has some suggestions.