Ticked Off: Episode 375

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Ticked Off: Episode 375

Apr 09, 2015
Guests: Hannah Fessler, Brandon Wilson, Brant Hansen and Diane Mhoon

[52:08] - 

A look at how we deal with anger, plus Brant Hansen tells us to simmer down, and a listener laments having nothing in common with women.

Featured musical artist: Passion

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Why Am I Angry?

Guests: Hannah Fessler and Brandon Wilson

[20:32] - 

We all get angry. We may show it in different ways, but anger is an equal-opportunity emotion. What sets you off, and how do you deal with the fallout? Do you put anger in categories, making some of it justified and some not? Our panel delves into the anger struggle with honesty and depth.


Guests: Brant Hansen

[23:19] - 

Do you have a right to be angry? Brant Hansen doesn't think so, and tells us why in his new book, Unoffendable. What's more, he claims that letting go of anger, even what we call "righteous" anger, will make life better overall. What do you think?

Too Manly?

Guests: Diane Mhoon

[5:44] - 

Our listener is into "guy stuff." And that's about it. Because of this, he has a tough time finding common interests with women. Is there a middle ground he can find, or should he just embrace his manly pursuits and hope for the best? Diane Mhoon offers advice.