Women in Transition: Episode 373

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Women in Transition: Episode 373

Mar 26, 2015
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Sarah Beth Gilson, Karen Reedall, Priscilla Shirer and Candice Watters

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How women can plan for a future without guarantees, plus Priscilla Shirer taps the power of prayer, and a listener’s crush is unaware of her interest.

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Females and the Future

Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Sarah Beth Gilson and Karen Reedall

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As women, it's tempting to plan our futures with the assumption that everything will play out exactly as we plan. But that's rarely the case. Life transitions like marriage, babies, illness — even long-term singleness — can disrupt our well-laid plans. Is it possible to plan for the future without knowing the future? Our panel of women in transition offers some insight.

Supernatural Prayer

Guests: Priscilla Shirer

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We know we should pray, but more times than not we treat it as nothing more than a duty, and as such fail to see its power. So our lukewarm prayer lives breed ineffectiveness followed by discouragement, which in turn keeps us from praying. It's a vicious cycle that author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer says needs to be broken. What if we really believed that God uses prayer to change hearts, circumstances and even the course of history? Her role in the movie WAR ROOM, due out this summer, paints such a picture. Listen as Priscilla gives us a sneak peek into both the film and her own life to show us what prayer can truly do. 

He's Clueless

Guests: Candice Watters

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She's pretty sure he has no idea she's interested in him. Should she let him know? How can she make a move without really making a move? And why isn't he doing anything at all? Candice Watters weighs in.